Recently, the third global smart car frontier Summit (giv2020) was held in Guangzhou. At the meeting, Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., said that GAC will deeply explore software, optimize the core technology route planning of intelligent vehicles, and strive to realize regional demonstration operation of L4 automatic driving in 2023.

Feng Xingya believes that smart cars have a bright future in China. In view of the complexity and cost of L4 and L5 automatic driving level technology, GAC is very supportive of vehicle road collaborative routes. There is no contradiction between vehicle road coordination and single vehicle intelligence, but the input and construction of single vehicle intelligent terminal is more huge.

Comparatively speaking, China has a market advantage in smart cars. The intelligent vehicle scheme combined with local attributes must be suitable for its own road traffic conditions, communication network standards and data security system. The huge local market capacity, the innovation of business model of consumer Internet, and the advantages in 5g system, artificial intelligence, software talents and other aspects will give birth to intelligent cars based on China’s ecological industry.

Who will be ahead of the smart car's runway?

As a product provider, the vehicle factory is also an important participant in the construction and operation of intelligent transportation. In the whole ecology, the vehicle factory mainly focuses on vehicles and on-board software products, automatic driving technology, v2x technology, vehicle road coordination technology, big data platform and travel, network connection and software services. To L4, L5 and other higher level autopilot cars, only the host plant takes the lead and participates in the design and integration of the system so that no supplier can complete it independently.

Feng Xingya said that in the next step, GAC will accelerate the development of intelligent networking technology, improve the five supporting platforms of Zhilian terminal, and strive to master the six core technologies of AI Artificial Intelligence, 5g, software defined automobile, big data, information security and vehicle architecture. Focusing on the network connected ecological technology, GAC will focus on building adigo system, realizing the comprehensive coordination of human road cloud, and promoting the application of Ethernet, T-box technology, OTA remote upgrade technology and other achievements.


In recent years, intelligent cars and automatic driving are not new products, and almost all vehicle manufacturers are involved in it. As early as 2014, GAC Engineering Research Institute signed a contract with advanced manufacturing technology research institute of Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences for the development of automatic driving technology of new energy vehicle project, and the two sides cooperated in automatic driving technology; in 2018, GAC Group signed a cooperation with Xiaoma Zhixing to cooperate in automatic driving, capital and mobile travel Previously, GAC also said that it would launch a mass-produced L3 class advanced auxiliary driving car to the market in 2019. With the development of enterprise cooperation and technology route, who will take the lead on the track of smart car?

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