With the development of video surveillance, the development of network video surveillance has attracted more and more attention. However, the development of network video surveillance market in China is not satisfactory. The main reason is the lack of a good network basic environment, and dual bitstream is an acceleration of network video monitoring.

With the further development of economy, the concept of security has become more and more popular. China’s security market is gradually opening up, with great potential and business opportunities. As the core field, video surveillance coexists with full analog, semi analog, semi digital and full digital solutions. On the whole, more and more enterprises and users are aware of the advantages of digital video surveillance technology, and the market of network video surveillance is in its infancy. From the development trend, the fully digital network video surveillance has a strong development momentum. Now many projects are designated by end customers to build digital network video monitoring solutions, because the traditional analog solutions can no longer meet their needs.

Network video surveillance is favored because of its excellent performance and has been successfully applied. There are many large-scale successful cases in urban security abroad and in mainland China. For example, a British county has combined network video products with wireless IP network to build a comprehensive community security monitoring system. After the system is put into use, the crime rate against cars has decreased by 80%, the crime rate of robbery has decreased by 68%, and the crime rate of personal attack has decreased by 30%, The losses caused by crime decreased by 59%, and the resulting cost savings, including judicial, police, insurance and personal losses, amounted to £ 2.1 million.

Who is the leader of network video surveillance

At present, there are two main factors perplexing the development of China’s network video surveillance market. One is the misunderstanding that the cost of network video surveillance equipment is too high in the market. In fact, if the overall hardware cost of the system (including cameras, cables and video storage devices) is analyzed, the hardware cost of the IP monitoring system is usually equivalent to that of the DVR based monitoring system. Considering the system installation cost, the advantages of the IP monitoring system are obvious, Because the cost of building an IP based infrastructure is much less than that of building a coaxial cable based infrastructure. Another factor is the lack of good network infrastructure. Network infrastructure is the bearing foundation of network video monitoring system, and video transmission takes up large bandwidth resources. Therefore, without good network resources, network video monitoring system can not be further promoted.

With the improvement of people’s ideology, the misunderstanding of monitoring cost will no longer restrict the development of IP monitoring. The difficulties are mainly reflected in the current situation of insufficient network resources, the effective occupation of network bandwidth and how to ensure the stability and image quality of video monitoring system under the condition of limited bandwidth resources. Large scale video surveillance systems usually contain hundreds of cameras, which will produce a large amount of video, audio, alarm and management data, which must be transmitted through the network. Generally, the network resources available to users are always limited, so effective methods must be adopted to ensure the stable operation of the transmission system.

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