Intel is reportedly looking for a new CEO to replace Bob Swan. It is expected that Intel will make personnel decisions after the first quarter of 2021 earnings are announced. According to people familiar with the matter, Intel is currently considering three candidates. In the past year, Intel's 10nm and 7nm-based processes have been delayed in release. For this reason, the market value has plummeted, and Intel's technology department has also been reorganized and split. At present, Dr. Ann Kelleher announced to take over the responsibility of 7/5nm process development, and Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala Resigned from Intel on August 3. But in any case, this means that in 2020, Bob Swan's era as Intel CEO is coming to an end.

Bob Swan: From 'Interim' to 'Official' CEO On June 21, 2018, Bob Swan was named interim CEO of Intel Corporation. More than seven months later, since January 2019, "temporary" has become "official", and Intel has greatly affirmed Swan's leadership and outstanding performance. So far, he has been the CEO of Intel Corporation.

Born in New York in 1960, Bob Swan started working at General Electric in 1985 after earning an MBA, and held various senior financial roles during his 15-year tenure. Vice President of Finance and CFO of GE Lighting Group, to COO and CFO of Webvan (US fresh food e-commerce), CFO of TRW (TRW), and then CFO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) Enterprise Services Officer, Chief Financial Officer of eBay (Ebay)…

When Swan joined Intel in 2016 as CFO, he was responsible for Intel's global finance, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, IT and corporate strategy organizations, and his years of experience made his performance impressive. Soon became the official CEO. Continuously delayed R&D progress In June, Intel sent shockwaves through the industry by announcing that its 7nm process would be delayed until late 2022 or early 2023. The company also revealed that its first desktop 10nm CPUs won't hit the market until the second half of 2021. ADM caught Intel off guard with its 7nm Ryzen processor push as it gradually lost market share in the desktop market, so waiting longer for 10nm processors could be a major disadvantage for Intel.

Intel's Alder Lake-S chips are known to have a hybrid architecture, meaning they will contain both larger and smaller cores, just like ARM's big.LITTLE architecture. That means Alder Lake-S won't feature a traditional chip architecture, an approach that presents manufacturing and software support challenges even though Intel has paved the way for its Lakefield 3D processors.

Twitter user Witeken gave Intel's innovation TOP3 this year, he is a professional in the chip industry.

The first 10nm SuperFin process on Tiger Lake ranked second. This is also the most important progress of Intel in CPU process this year. It uses a new Super MIM device, which claims to have achieved the largest performance improvement in a single node, more than 15% .

Moreover, Intel also recently announced that Intel will release the 11th-generation Core desktop version codenamed Rocket Lake-S as early as January next year. This time is really the last generation of 14nm process. It will also historically exceed the 14nm process and become the first major force. Its executives said that the 10nm process capacity will exceed 14nm in 2021, and Intel is still increasing 10nm production capacity, but the 10nm process life cycle used by Ice Lake is only about a quarter of that of 14nm. Intel's current focus has shifted to the 10nm SF process, which is the current second-generation 10nm process. SuperFin transistors greatly improve process performance. As for the future 7nm and 5nm processes, Intel will announce the 7nm progress early next year, and is currently preparing plant space in the wafer fabs in Oregon and Ireland to prepare for the mass production of the 7/5nm process. Of course, there is no specific schedule and will not be announced now, and everything will have to wait for next year's information.

Original title: Intel CEO will change? With three candidates already rumored, the Bob Swan era will end

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