Various novel artificial intelligence technologies will quickly “submerge” the whole society and destroy and change the boundary coordinates of the old world, which will bring great opportunities on the one hand and unimaginable risks on the other hand

I have always held a contradictory attitude of welcome and fear towards the development of artificial intelligence technology. In March 2016, after watching the whole competition process of alpha dog defeating Li Shishi, I had insomnia every day for a long time. As a scholar studying thinking, I am well aware of the horror of the evolution speed of artificial intelligence and the difficulty of upgrading the human brain. Today’s AI technology can be said to have crossed an important “singularity” – independent creativity. Although this kind of creativity is still very young and low-level, with the support of 1 second trillion terrorist computing power, the creativity of artificial intelligence will soon grow to a level that makes mankind stunned. Sure enough, on April 4, 2017, the alpha dog with the pseudonym “master” swept all human go masters with a record of 60:0, declaring that it is impossible for human beings to win in the field of go. Its chess skill has evolved to the level that human beings have to look up to in half a year. In front of the evolved alpha dog, human Nine Segment chess players are as naive and clumsy as chess children.

Some people may think that no matter how smart the alpha dog is, it is just a “dog” circled in the go board. It is still a long way from human social life and work. For a long time, human beings can rest easy. Many scholars have also been comforting the public that artificial intelligence technology is not terrible. Mankind can fully combine with artificial intelligence technology to create a better future. But is that really the case?

Anyway, I don’t believe the remarks of those blind optimists. During the training, I always insisted on doing a small survey to investigate the importance of the students to the war between Li Shishi and alpha dog. To sum up, 60% of the people didn’t feel anything, and 30% of the people had the sense of crisis of “wolf coming”, but they forgot as soon as they woke up the next day. Only about 10% of people were nervous and had insomnia for a week. They thought that this event represented a very important time node and began to prepare for transformation and layout the future.

Before chatting with two friends, one of them said that he had just taken over a large loss making children’s entertainment place. At the beginning of his appointment, he made drastic layoffs and reduced the company with more than 100 people to only a dozen people. As for the “blank” of previous jobs, he skillfully integrated and digested them through technical means such as sensors, cameras, Internet, computer, wechat and business outsourcing. Listening to him, I feel very similar to the business model of unmanned convenience store launched by Wal Mart. In short, it is to use various new technologies to “reduce personnel and increase efficiency”. After hearing this case, will you still feel that AI is far away from our life and work?

Some scholars predict that it will be a year of great crisis and change for both national governments and enterprises. When the crisis comes, as an independent “intelligent” organization, the response is to reduce the excess negative assets and survive before talking about others. You can go online to see the “100 day new deal” declaration issued by the new US President trump in Gettysburg. Its core idea is “open source + throttling”. Generally, open source is very difficult, while throttling is much simpler. In fact, it is just one word: cut, cut, cut!

When the redundant people are cut off and the redundant businesses are cut off, it is a good time for the wild growth of new technologies. Therefore, we will see a blowout application scenario of artificial intelligence technology in 2019. These technologies are widely used in the highly competitive business field, and then quickly spread to the relatively stable fields such as government institutions, school education, public utilities and so on, Eventually, it will stir people’s stable and peaceful life and habitual work beyond recognition and fragmented.

According to my prediction, the new occupation of “artificial intelligence Trainer” will be very popular in the next few years. This occupation is mainly to train artificial intelligence, learn to think, deal with all kinds of professional problems, and then replace human work. For example, a legal expert trains alpha dog how to collect information and file a lawsuit. When it has mastered all human legal routines, it can “change in seconds” into thousands of incarnations, reproduce countless professional legal advisers and replace thousands of human lawyers

In the future, we will not compete with experts in the same industry, but with intelligent machines that never stop the pace of evolution. In an era when individuals and intelligence are not as good as machines, what value do you have and what can you rely on to survive?

Facing the dilemma, the way I give is: brain dimension upgrading, that is, cultivating higher-level brain intelligence to adapt to the future dynamic living environment, rather than absorbing more knowledge. Because what modern people lack most at present is high intelligence rather than knowledge and information.

A few days ago, a netizen asked me: Mr. Yuan, there are so many books about logical thinking on the Internet. Is it useful to read them?

I asked back: if you want to learn swimming, is it useful to read books on swimming skills?

He suddenly realized: I see, we should combine theory with practice!

I knew he didn’t really understand, so I added: you can make up what you lack now.

Sure enough, he replied: I lack logical thoroughness and reasoning, and my ability to analyze and solve problems is poor

I interrupted his statement and continued to ask: are you lack of knowledge or ability?

He said frankly: I lack ability.

I have no choice but to say: I know what books I need to read, so I need to practice more and train more!


A person lacks ability, but he is studying hard to make up for his shortcomings. This is a typical “opposite” reality story. Unfortunately, most modern people make such mistakes. The success and failure of Chinese education is to train generations of readers. They are so used to reading that they don’t know what other higher-level learning methods are besides reading.

Here, I have to mention a popular knowledge product “get”, because when I give lectures, some students often ask me: Mr. Yuan, what is the relationship between your logical 7 thinking and Luo Pang’s logical thinking? I think the “get” recommended by him is very good. I keep listening to it every day, but why do I feel that my logical thinking has not improved?

I smile bitterly in my heart. If listening to idle books can improve my logical thinking ability, then climbing trees can also catch fish. But on the scene, I usually laugh and encourage each other: I often watch Luo Pang’s videos and forward his articles. The content is very good. If you keep listening for a while, you may succeed naturally.

The reason why people don’t want to say more is that most people don’t understand the concept of “brain dimension upgrading”, and it’s troublesome to explain it. They can’t say it clearly in a few words. In addition, the time between classes is limited, so they just don’t say it.

It is never wrong to love learning and reading, but there is a problem of brain dimension and level. If we don’t figure out the relationship between them first, ordinary people will waste a lot of time on low-dimensional learning, but they don’t know it at all.

If the brain dimension is divided into three parts according to low, medium and high:

Low dimension represents experience – development direction: constantly break through the comfort circle and add richer new experiences.

Zhongwei represents knowledge – development direction: from basic knowledge to practical knowledge, from old knowledge to new knowledge.

High dimension represents intelligence – development direction: from non logical thinking to logical thinking, from logical thinking to dialectical thinking.

In ancient times, human beings competed for brain wisdom on a low dimensional scale, so the longevity is the wise. As the saying goes, “an old family is like a treasure”. Because of more experience, they will naturally be knowledgeable and can give effective guidance to young people in case of difficulties. In modern times and modern times, human beings compete for brains and wisdom on the medium dimensional scale. Those who can read and read are wise people. Therefore, we are crazy to pursue higher education and compete who has more knowledge. Generally, the three-dimensional brain functions comprehensively. Usually, those with experience will be better than those without experience, and those with more knowledge will be better than those with less knowledge. However, there will be a few counterexamples, such as some illiterates are smarter than intellectuals, and some people are more dull and dull when they read more books. If we trace the origin of this anomaly, we will find that it is caused by the intelligent inversion on a high-dimensional scale.

Edison, the king of invention, once said: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% sweat. But without that 1% inspiration, 99% sweat will be in vain.

Similarly, without 1% intelligence, 99% experience or 99% knowledge, it will be in vain. If you use a vivid metaphor to explain, that is, whether a kilogram of pollen can become a drop of honey depends on whether you are a bear or a bee.

All kinds of knowledge-based apps represented by logic thinking are very good tools. They tap the business opportunities of modern people who are busy with work and have no time to read, greatly saving people’s reading time and making the efficiency of collecting pollen higher. If you used to read one book every ten days, now you can read the essence of 20 books a day with these apps. But the problem is that if you are a bear, no amount of pollen you collect can turn into a drop of honey. In the past era of knowledge shortage, people competed for who collected more pollen and higher quality. However, in the era of knowledge and information explosion, smart people have long begun to quietly compete and upgrade, and turn to cultivating high intelligence rather than collecting more knowledge and information. Two days ago, I saw a documentary forwarded by a netizen in Shenzhen brain guest alliance. It said that several college students at Harvard University had done a research project on the cultural differences between East and West. One detail shocked me. In the library of Israel, we were not reading quietly, but reading in pairs. This is a typical intelligent cultivation mode. The role of books is just a medium to stimulate topics and inspiration. Everyone’s main energy is on the training of thought output rather than the input of knowledge and information. Such brain cultivation speed is “slow” at the level of medium-dimensional knowledge, but “fast” at the level of high-dimensional intelligence.

Experts study for the purpose of “making honey”, while ordinary people study for the purpose of “accumulating powder”. They have different cultivation goals and stand high and low!

“30% inspiration + 70% knowledge” Brain vs “1% inspiration + 99% knowledge” brain, which is better or worse, which wins or loses?

It should be emphasized that I have never been a useless theorist of knowledge. On the contrary, my reading and attention to the frontier of new knowledge and technology are far more than ordinary people. The reason why I want to solemnly remind you to “stay away from” knowledge and upgrade your brain is that the transformation time left by the artificial intelligence crisis for modern people is short. Its destructive power to the traditional society will be fully launched in all fields in 2019, but this is only the beginning of “tusks”. Ordinary people still have 3-5 years to prepare. In this limited time, if you can’t quickly transform from a bear to a bee, Then reading more books is “useless”.

In order to understand this more deeply, let’s take a look at the three formulas of high intelligence:

Machine brain high intelligence = low-level algorithm + big data + super fast computing power

Human brain high intelligence = advanced algorithm + small data + ordinary slow computing power

(machine brain + human brain) high intelligence = advanced algorithm + big data + super fast computing power

Comparing these three formulas, it is not difficult for us to find that the advantage of human beings lies in the advanced algorithm of their brain, that is, advanced logical thinking, rather than having big data. If they compete with the machine brain for the amount of knowledge, information and data, it is pure suicide.

Maybe someone will retort, so don’t we read more?

Of course not. I just remind you to make a correct 2 / 8 division of your learning time, that is, 80% of your time and energy should be spent on the upgrading of brain algorithms and 20% on knowledge learning. But paradoxically, traditional education generally spends 99.9% of its time and energy on knowledge learning and 0.1% on brain algorithm upgrading. Einstein, a famous scientist, once criticized traditional education: “people have to stuff all these wastes into their heads, whether they like it or not, in order to take the exam. The result of this compulsion makes me so timid that any thinking about scientific problems is boring for a whole year after I pass the exam.”

“It’s a miracle that the current teaching method doesn’t completely kill the sacred curiosity of studying problems.”

Unfortunately, the pain of rote learning that Einstein suffered in his student days is not only common in today’s China, but also intensified. Students’ brains are basically filled with a large number of knowledge and theories, and their time is divided up by various remedial classes. Many parents and teachers know that this is a way of education, which belongs to the evil martial arts. However, in order to enter the key primary school, middle school and University, we still have to drink poison to quench our thirst, pay attention to the immediate income, and continue to cruelly squeeze the children’s learning potential, no matter whether it will leave a hard intellectual injury to the children in the long run.

Chuang Tzu said, “I have a limit in my life, and there is no limit in my knowledge. If I have a limit, I will be in danger!”.

From a macro perspective, the way of human intelligent evolution is not always doing “addition” in knowledge, but also doing “subtraction”. Explained by the principle of dialectical spiral rise, the primary stage of brain growth is to “add” knowledge, but when it grows to a certain extent, the brain needs to reverse the “subtraction” of knowledge, so that it can be promoted to a higher level. If there is no such a reactionary process and the inertia slides down all the time, the wisdom of such people will always stagnate at a low level.

Lao Tzu said: to learn more and more, to lose for the Tao, to lose at the expense of others, so that inaction, inaction and inaction. It is the description of this abnormal wisdom cultivation process. The so-called “Inaction” interpreted in modern terms is the internal logical thinking ability of the brain. When people forget all their knowledge, what is left is such a seemingly useless but actually omnipotent high-level intelligence that can be widely applied to any field.

“Advanced algorithm + small data” is the way to cultivate human wisdom. A leaf falls and knows the autumn of the world. People who know little, master very little information, and can make accurate analysis and judgment in fuzzy and complicated situations are called sages and wise men. Those who don’t understand the improvement algorithm and just work hard on data increment have just become “two legged bookcases”.

Here, we assume that the total value of human logical thinking ability is 100, then the day can reach 100, the master can reach 80, the expert can reach 50, the elite can reach 30, most people can only reach 1-10, and even some people are still at a negative level. The level of logical thinking of ordinary people is not high, which is the evil result of crazy knowledge indoctrination education mode, leaving a hard intellectual injury.

Today, the logical thinking value of artificial intelligence technology has exceeded 1. With its terrible evolution speed, it is not difficult to reach the elite level in 3-5 years. If the human education model cannot be transformed and transformed rapidly and the upgrading of individual brain is still delayed, the time for artificial intelligence to surpass human will only be faster, and then it will force the reform of human society. In a word, the transformation and transformation of human society in the future is an inevitable high probability event, but some foresight people take the initiative to adapt to the future changes, and more people will be forced to get involved in the wave of artificial intelligence and become victims of the times.

In this great change, all workers should be mentally prepared for unemployment. Unlike in the past, when they can change an enterprise to find the same position after unemployment, the characteristic of this unemployment is that familiar positions may disappear completely, and the professional skills people are good at have been replaced by artificial intelligence. At this time, you need to study again, find a new career, or even create a career yourself, so as to have a place in the future society.

It is a mainstream view in today’s scientific community that the machine brain completely defeats the human brain. What is debated is just the speed of the arrival of this time node. This competition process is like sailing against the current. If the human brain rises rapidly, this time node will come slowly; If the human brain is slow to increase or even reverse dimensionality reduction (addicted to various game stimulation experiences), then this time node will come faster. In the ecological environment where everything in the whole society is interconnected and the level of machine intelligence is constantly rising, modern people should know how to chase scarcity, devote limited time to the upgrading of the mind, and strive to exercise and improve intelligence, rather than continue to fall into the ocean of knowledge and information, making the mind more fragmented and less intelligent.

Only by pursuing scarcity can we shape our difference, can’t we?!

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