With the popularity of computers, mobile phones and other electronic technology products, people’s requirements for their performance continue to improve. In all kinds of components of electronic technology products, in addition to CPU, memory is the most closely related to its performance. Gradually, it has become one of the most basic methods to test the performance of electronic memory.

What is memory detection?

In all kinds of electronic technology products, memory is the bridge to communicate with CPU. Its biggest function is to store the operation data in CPU and exchange data with external memory. And memory detection, as the name suggests, is to detect the size of the memory of all kinds of electronic technology products, in order to check whether the performance of mobile phones or computers is stable and reliable.

Which memory detection tools are better?

With the increasing demand for computers, mobile phones and other electronic technology products, there are a lot of false memory in the market. In order to reduce the loss of consumers caused by memory fraud in the process of purchasing electronic products. Memory detection is imperative. So, which memory detection tools are better? Let’s make a few simple recommendations for our friends.

Recommended tool 1: Master Lu software

Master Lu software, formerly known as Z weapon, is a professional hardware testing tool. The main functions of the software are hardware detection, optimization cleaning system, temperature monitoring and performance testing. Among them, in Master Lu’s hardware detection function, memory detection is the main detection direction. It can not only detect the size of memory, but also detect its name and other information. It is worth mentioning that Master Lu is the “first person of hardware testing tools” in China.

Recommended tool 2: Memtest86 software

Memtest86 software is a foreign system detection software which does not need any operating system. It can be loaded into the memory of computer or mobile phone to run. It is very powerful in checking CPU model, cache performance, memory capacity, performance and fault. The software can’t detect 100% memory accurately compared with other types of electronic products. In general, Memtest86 software is a very powerful memory detection tool.

These are the two powerful softwares in memory detection recommended by Xiaobian for friends, and they are also the two most popular and widely used softwares at home and abroad. I hope it will be helpful for my friends to check the memory.

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