At present, people’s strong demand for sports and health segmentation scenarios has spawned a large number of smart watch products. But the products that can really hit the key of user experience and meet the core needs of users’ professional sports health are rare.

If we put it in the first two years, when it comes to smart watches, everyone will think of Apple watch for the first time. But now, the appearance of Huawei watch GT series has done a good demonstration for smart watches, which has gone a different way from Apple watch and become a benchmark for long-term, professional sports and health watches.

Which is the best choice for Huawei watch GT2 or apple watch 5

The name Linggai of Huawei watch GT comes from the automobile industry. GT is translated as grand Turismo in Italian, which means long-distance travel, and grand tour in English, which means high-performance luxury station wagon.

In the 1960s, cars were generally not competent for long-distance travel, and the mechanical reliability was very low. As a result, a number of high-performance and high reliability high-power sports cars, known as GT, appeared. The general meaning of GT as a high-performance sports car has been retained, and people have gradually formed the cognition that “cars with GT logo can drive at high speed for a long time”.

Huawei watch GT refers to its endurance, high performance and high reliability, just like the “GT” car. It can be said that the watch GT series of Huawei has created a precedent for long-term sports and health watches. Three months after its launch, the global delivery volume of the watch GT2 exceeded 2 million, becoming one of the best-selling Android smart watches.

In September last year, Huawei watch GT ushered in its second generation product, Huawei watch GT2. While continuing the advantages of the first generation of products, the company has comprehensively upgraded its endurance, sports and health management direction: new Bluetooth call, offline music playing function, walking / rowing machine and other free training modes, support swimming heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection, join 301 Hospital premature heart beat screening, sleep apnea research.

If you are going to start a smart watch, is it better to buy Apple watch 5 or Huawei watch GT2? Let’s take a look at the following core selling points.

In terms of appearance design, apple watch pioneered the square watch. The design of the five generations of products is the same, which is slightly flat. The advantage is that it is easier to operate in terms of interaction. There are two sizes of 40mm and 44mm. At the same time, the case and strap of various materials are available, which are rich in customization. However, it is obvious that Apple watch is more like a luxury line. The material and appearance of standard models are relatively common. If you want to choose personalized products, the price range is large, ranging from more than 3000 to tens of thousands.

Huawei watch GT2 and apple watch 5 are representatives of the two forms of design. Huawei watch 2 continues the classic “round” beauty design of the world’s first watch “pomander watch”. Adhering to the design idea of “full screen without boundary”, Huawei watch 2 adopts gem processing technology to create an integrated 3D curved glass with edge arc transition and touch like jade.

In addition, the dial size is available in 46mm and 42mm versions. Among them, the 46mm dial is larger and the strap is longer, while the 42mm dial is suitable for girls and boys with small wrists. The two sizes of 46mm and 42mm are respectively designed for fashion and sports, which can meet the individual needs of different users, and the prices of different styles have little difference.

Battery life has always been a common pain point for smart watches, including apple watch 5. Although the service life of the official standard is 18 hours, according to user feedback, it is generally less than 18 hours and can only be used for one day. Especially after the continuous screen display is turned on, it is basically charged once a day.

Huawei watch GT2 continues the long-term characteristics of the first generation watch GT. According to the official data of Huawei, the 46mm series of Huawei watch GT2 smart watches can last for two weeks in typical use, while the 42mm series can last for one week.

In addition to batteries, Huawei’s first low-power wearable chip A1 is the biggest contributor. The chip has not only passed the world’s first Bluetooth dual-mode 5.1 certification, with the advantages of fast connection, stable connection and low power consumption, but also realized ultra-low power operation and strong endurance new experience under the multi-sensor work of sports, music, intelligent heart rate, sleep monitoring and so on.

From the actual experience, with GPS, heart rate and pressure monitoring fully on, and mobile QQ and wechat message push, Huawei watch GT2 46mm loses about 7-8% of its power in one day, which basically meets the two-week life expectancy publicized by the government. Even if it is used heavily, it is not a big problem to stick to it for one week.

In terms of sports health, apple watch 5 supports the following test of mainstream sports such as cycling, yoga and swimming. It can display important indicators such as heart rate, speed and calorie consumption. At the same time, it provides three ring indicators of activity, exercise and standing to help users understand sports and health status. In terms of health, it supports continuous heart rate monitoring, noise reminder, fall monitoring, emergency call for help, etc., and supports multiple health apps.

The advantage of Apple watch 5 is that it has a good ecological experience with iPhone. For example, you can set goals according to specific physical training programs, check the details summary after exercise, and track your training trend in a period of time with the fitness record app on iPhone. But the disadvantage also comes from the ecology. After leaving the iPhone, the experience of Apple watch 5 will be greatly reduced.

Huawei Watch GT2 is more detailed in sports and health functions. Compared with the first generation of sports modes, GT2 covers more scenes, especially in the gym sports field. It covers 15 mainstream sports modes, including 8 outdoor sports modes (running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, cross-country running, cycling, open water, triathlon), and 7 indoor sports modes (walking, running, cycling, swimming in swimming pool, self-propelled swimming) By training, elliptical machine, rowing machine).

Details and functions are more intimate. For example, when running outdoors, Huawei watch GT2 can provide data records of pace and stride frequency, and after that, it will give professional adjustment suggestions and recovery time suggestions; when playing indoor sports, whether it’s boating machine, elliptical machine, swimming pool or treadmill running, there are matching sports modes, and users can switch freely according to their own sports.

In addition, Huawei watch GT2 also adds a new swimming heart rate monitoring function. Users can view their own heart rate value when swimming, adjust the swimming intensity and rhythm, ensure the exercise effect and avoid accidents.

Health monitoring has always been a major feature of Huawei watch GT series smart watches. Huawei watch GT2 has achieved Huawei truseentm3.5 heart rate monitoring technology, with more accurate heart rate data and expanded monitoring range. For example, it has added a single detection function of blood oxygen saturation, which enables users to better understand their own health status. It is very suitable for snoring people, long-term mental workers and outdoor sports people. At the same time, Huawei has joined the latest research of 301 Hospital – the new sleep apnea function, which further improves the health management of Huawei watch GT2.

On September 2 last year, 301 Hospital released the research results of heart health based on Huawei wearable devices at the European annual conference of Cardiology and the World Congress of Cardiology. As of October last year, more than 510000 people participated in the research, and 940 high-risk users + were screened, and 480 users + with arrhythmia confirmed by follow-up visit, which proved that Huawei watch GT’s efforts and contributions in the field of health. Huawei watch GT2 is upgraded on this basis, adding premature beat screening function, which brings a lot of help for heart problem monitoring.

In addition, the built-in PPG sensor of Huawei watch GT2, combined with Huawei AI algorithm, can monitor the heartbeat 24 hours a day. Once the abnormal premature heartbeat is captured, the user will be reminded in time. Behind this is the cloud statistical analysis of premature beat data of Huawei hi research and the MafA system of 301 Hospital.

Generally speaking, the heart disease patient early 100% can appear the premature beat phenomenon. Premature heart beats not only appear in the elderly, but also in the white-collar workers who are working at work today. With the increase of work pressure and staying up late, it will have a great impact on heart health. Huawei has joined the heart health research program of 301 Hospital. Huawei watch GT2 can accurately capture abnormal premature heartbeat and remind users to rest or see a doctor in time. It is very helpful for white-collar workers who work overtime and stay up late.

Taking my work as an example, I often need to be sedentary and lack of exercise, so it’s easy to ignore the negative effects of heart health. With the Huawei watch GT2 series, you can not only set up sedentary reminders in the daytime, but also “force” yourself to take the initiative. It can also monitor heart rate, pressure status, blood oxygen saturation and other hard health indicators at any time, so as to make adjustments at any time. At night, you only need to wear Huawei watch GT2. You can not only get a detailed understanding of the night sleep quality from the data indicators, but also enjoy professional sleep improvement suggestions. At the same time, you can monitor the risk of abnormal premature heartbeat.

It is undeniable that Apple watch 5, as the fifth generation product that Apple has entered into the field of smart watch, is still the industry benchmark in many aspects, such as ecology, rich customization and brand premium. The sales volume of Apple watch in 2019 exceeds that of the whole Swiss watch industry, which also shows that consumers recognize its product strength.

However, Huawei watch GT2 has taken another solid road on the road of utilitarianism, and has surpassed Apple watch in many one-way function experiences, especially in the core selling points such as long-term service, rich sports management and intelligent health management, and has really moved those users who have strong demand for repeated charging, sports and health.

A variety of personality appearance, super long endurance, more powerful and professional sports fitness guidance, new swimming heart rate monitoring, premature beat screening, blood oxygen detection, sleep apnea and a series of heart health functions make Huawei watch GT2 perfect in the market segment and become a leader in similar products.

Consumers’ real money will not lie. In November last year, Huawei’s watch GT2 series achieved a sales volume of 1 million + within 45 days of its launch, three months ahead of last year’s watch GT series. There is no doubt that it has become one of the best-selling smart watches on the market today besides Apple watch 5.

In terms of price, Huawei watch GT2 is more pragmatic. From 1388 yuan for the 42mm model and 1488 yuan for the 46mm model, the price is only half of 3199 yuan for the basic Apple watch 5 model.

At the same time, in terms of compatibility, Huawei watch GT2 is obviously more friendly to Android users. Apple watch 5 can’t be used without iPhone, but it’s not an Android phone of Huawei brand. As long as you download the Huawei health app and complete the registration, the user experience of Apple watch 5 is basically the same as that of Huawei phone.

If you are also “perfectionism + pragmatism” first, and have the ultimate pursuit of the most core functions of smart watches, such as endurance, sports, health and so on. It’s obviously more appropriate to choose a Huawei watch GT2 for less than half the cost than apple watch 5.

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