RFID technology has been well applied in many fields and has achieved good results. The application of RFID technology has been extended to retail, security, clothing, production, storage, logistics and so on. RFID can quickly identify multiple item information, which can be applied to harsh environment, has strong anti pollution ability, large storage capacity, and can be applied repeatedly. Which industries will be affected by the rapid development of RFID technology?

(1) Unreliable data in management information system

Although the enterprise spends a lot of manpower and financial resources and is equipped with advanced ERP system, the data and information sources in the whole information system are lack of reliability guarantee. All data comes from manual input, and errors in manual operation are inevitable. The occurrence and accumulation of these errors greatly reduce the effectiveness of advanced computer management information system.

(2) Data acquisition is time-consuming and laborious, affecting operation efficiency

Traditional warehousing uses two-dimensional code technology to count points and cooperate with electronic sorting label technology to collect data in the process of operation to solve the above problems. However, enterprises have a large number of products in and out of the warehouse every day, a huge amount of work and frequent production warehouse operations. When a large number of goods are in and out of the warehouse, the operator needs to scan the barcode on each package one by one to collect the information of goods in and out of the warehouse. It is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also prone to errors caused by wrong scanning, missing scanning and re scanning.

(3) Difficulty in implementing inventory counting

Inventory counting is an important operation link in warehouse management. Its purpose is to check the book quantity and the physical quantity of inventory, so as to correct the differences in time according to the specified procedures and ensure that the data on the book can reflect the real situation of inventory. The reality is that it is difficult to implement the inventory counting on time and thoroughly because, The premise of inventory implementation is that the warehouse in and out operations must be temporarily stopped to ensure that the physical quantity and book quantity are at the same time point, so that such verification is meaningful. However, various environmental conditions determine that the enterprise simply cannot keep the inventory in a static state for long enough to ensure the completion of the inventory.

Which industries will be affected by the development of Al RFID technology

RFID technology in production, storage, logistics and other links, has shown the broad application prospect of RFID technology in various industries. With the rapid development of market economy, the increasing maturity of RFID technology and the reduction of RFID tag price, RFID electronic tag will change the traditional one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional code technology. If two-dimensional code is the extension of one-dimensional code label, the birth of RFID is a revolution in the label industry. Its application fields are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Logistics management

Logistics is the largest market application space of RFID, which can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics links and provide technical guarantee for the realization of zero inventory. Global retail giant Wal Mart and Germany Metro have vigorously promoted the application of RFID tags, and have realized the use of RFID technology in supermarkets to realize product identification, anti-theft, real-time inventory and product validity control.

2. Food safety

Food safety is a national livelihood event. RFID technology can ensure food safety in an all-round way through the whole process management record of the original food planting or breeding process and the forward tracking and reverse tracing of the links of food circulation.

3. Commodity anti-counterfeiting I

Commodity anti-counterfeiting can ensure the normal market order and consumer reputation, and has a huge market space. RFID anti-counterfeiting technology and wireless communication network can realize the quality inspection of goods at any time and anywhere. At present, it has been used in tobacco and wine. Carry out pilot projects on medicine and other commodities.

4. Applications in other fields

RFID has a very wide range of applications, such as traffic management, military management, security, animal breeding and pet management, library management and other fields.

The rapid development of RFID technology has greatly improved the work efficiency, information collection, real-time transmission and so on, reducing the workload of manual work. The operation is simple and practical. It can collect work in harsh links and read multiple item information at the same time, with long service life.

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