ARMCortex ™- M4 processor is the latest embedded processor specially developed by arm. On the basis of M3, it strengthens the computing power and adds floating point, DSP, parallel computing, etc. to meet the needs of the digital signal control market with effective and easy-to-use control and signal processing functions.

ATMEL’s sample of ATMEL sam4sd32 announced that the industry’s first 2MB embedded flash cortex- M4 processor based microcontroller (MCU). Further expand the company’s arm? Cortex-M processor based portfolio, ATMEL’s sam4sd32 offers the best low power consumption of 200uA / MHz, running at 120mhz when the active power consumption mode is at home against the latest competitors with more than 50% savings.

Which embedded MCU has the highest density

2MB embedded flash memory, sam4sd32 is an ideal device for Industry and consumer’s requirements, adding program memory, data storage and low power applications. These applications include wireless thermostat, GPS sport watch, smart meter and 1D barcode reader. Wired and wireless communication protocol stack, multi language and multi application support, and data recording requirements are driving the need for higher storage density in these applications.

ATMEL’s sam4sd32 runs on a high-performance 120mhz operating frequency and has a flash memory with a cache to speed up code execution. In addition, cortex-m4 processor based device integrated code protection function, 160kbsram and bank dual security flash in the field firmware upgrade. Sam4sd32 will be available in a new small vfbga100 7 × 7mm package option.

Sam4sd32 is supported by sam4s Ek2, which realizes a full function evaluation board for rapid development and code evaluation. ATMEL recently launched Studio 6 integrated development environment (IDE), which greatly speeds up the design process, reduces the overall cost and creates new designs, because it includes professional quality development tools and ATMEL software framework, and supports sam4s-ek2 for free. Designers with etmer’s software framework get examples of mature and free source code projects, including more than 1100 large libraries.

“We will continue to expand our arm device portfolio to achieve higher performance in consumer and industrial applications and growing memory requirements,” said ingar Frederickson, Sr. Microcontroller, director of ATMEL“ These new products, along with the core of the latest cortex-m4, will ensure that designers, from our comprehensive product portfolio to all the right devices, need to meet their unique design requirements. “

Source: China electronic network

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