As a distributor of digital products, Yuedong Electronics found that the common problems in the common TV set-top boxes currently on the market are too many advertisement placements, weak decoding capabilities, and prone to freezes. In the end, which brands of products have a better sense of use, and which brand of TV set-top boxes is better? Yuedong Electronics recommends the TV set-top box list to everyone today, which can effectively avoid the above three common problems.

Rank 1: Taijie WE40 Pro TV set-top box
Configure the ceiling, a more professional “Zeropole” system
Taijie is actually the first brand to make TV set-top boxes. It has been developing in the industry for 10 years. It has six core technologies and a number of video patents. In terms of professionalism, Yuedong Electronics believes that it is very high. According to authoritative sales data, Taijie has been ranked first in the monthly ranking of mid-to-high-end TV set-top boxes.

Hardware Configuration
Taijie WE40 Pro is equipped with Rockchip’s flagship chip RK3566, which adopts quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture, with 3G +32G storage combination, and supports WIFI6 and USB3.0 high-speed interfaces. Support SATA3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet to meet local or distributed large-capacity high-speed storage requirements. At the same time, it has a full-featured type-C interface, and it is the first TV box in the whole network to support “DisplayPort over USB-C”.
Play experience
In terms of video experience, Taijie set-top box is recognized as a “TV set-top box for professional video watching”. Thanks to the exclusive “six core technologies” and the double-material blessing of accumulative optimization of more than 300 technical points, Taijie has a system running speed that makes 3,000 yuan mobile phones admit defeat. There is no more lag when watching videos. The exclusive advantage of “no ads” allows you to watch movies without waiting. You can watch 4K videos if you want.
Zero pole system
A large part of the reason why the Taijie set-top box is so smooth is because of its system. In order to solve the common problems of Android set-top boxes being stuck and the system responding slowly, Taijie spent several years developing a purer “Zeropole” video system. It can have better performance in terms of fluency, speed, performance, etc., which is also a major reason for attracting users to buy Taijie boxes.
Quality workmanship
Taijie WE40 Pro adopts Apple-level production standards and a relatively difficult process level in terms of technology. At the same time, it is very particular about the selection of materials and has an exclusive heat dissipation channel in the industry. The heat dissipation performance is 80% higher than that of the previous generation. , the industry is the best in the industry, avoiding excessive wear and tear of internal components, and compared with ordinary TV set-top boxes, the service life is increased by at least half a year.
WE40 Pro is Taijie’s latest high-end TV set-top box, and the overall experience is very good. If you want to buy a more cost-effective TV box, Yuedong Electronics recommends its WE60C here, which is the best choice within 200 yuan.

Rank two: iQIYI TV fruit 5s plus TV set-top box
One-key switch between dual systems
iQIYI TV Fruit 5S Plus is based on the ultra-convenient AI screen projection, newly added Kiwi TV large-screen system, and adds an intelligent voice remote control for infrared learning, to meet the ultra-convenient screen projection experience of young people.

Video experience
iQIYI TV Fruit 5S Plus chip is jointly customized by TV Fruit and MediaTek, 12nm process, 64-bit quad-core, ultra-low power consumption, 200% performance improvement, supports 4K 60fps video decoding, and supports HDR. Support dual system one-key switching, built-in 20+ video APPs such as Kiwi TV, 200+ TV channels, support Baidu network disk; also support AI intelligent voice screen projection, if you want to view the screen, only iQIYI members on the mobile phone can also Watch on TV.
Hardware Configuration
The TV Fruit 5s plus is equipped with Android 7.0 system, the memory configuration is 1GB LPDDR4+ 8GB eMMC, and the output resolution supports up to 4K 60FPS HDR. It is the first to support DRM hardware-level decoding, and it is one of the few screen projection hardware that implements DRM hardware decoding.

Rank three: Skyworth Paibox P3 TV set-top box
Exclusive “big screen linkage”
As one of the best-known brands in the TV industry, Skyworth has always been loved by consumers for its high-quality and affordable prices. Skyworth Pai Box P3 is a TV set-top box under Skyworth. Following the release of Xiao Pai Box Pro and Xiao Pai Box MAX, Skyworth Pai Box P3 has also been liked by many consumers, and its sales are also very good. It can also support the use of old-fashioned TVs.

Hardware Configuration
The Skyworth Paibox P3 is equipped with a quad-core processor of Allwinner Technology, which adopts a 28nm.HPC+ manufacturing process. In the field of TV boxes, the power consumption is also controlled under the premise of guaranteed performance. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4/5G dual-band WIFI, Bluetooth voice remote control, and wireless screen projection functions, which are also some very practical home essential functions.
control experience
Skyworth Paibox P3 also has the industry’s original “big screen linkage” function. Through the linkage of Skyworth Xiaopai camera, you can also watch monitoring on TV. It supports two modes of picture-in-picture and multi-picture. This is especially considerate and practical for many users who need to take care of stores and children. It’s not wrong to watch a baby in a play.”

Rank 4: Tmall Magic Box 4A TV set-top box
System optimization and improvement
The Tmall Box is powered by Alibaba Cloud OS. The built-in shopping function is very mature, and the shopping content has everything. It can definitely meet the needs of most shoppers, and it is convenient and practical.

Appearance design
From the appearance point of view, the Tmall Magic Box 4A adopts the Unibody continuous curve integrated design, which eases the sense of squareness of 100mmX100mm in length and width, and the overall body is relatively round. At the same time, the classic red color of the fuselage looks very gorgeous, and the back is equipped with 5 mainstream interfaces that must be equipped with TV boxes on the market at present: power interface, USB2.0 interface, network cable interface, HDMI interface, AV interface.
Hardware Configuration
Tmall Box 4A supports 4K image quality output, which can present more realistic details and bring users a real visual experience. Equipped with 1G running memory + 8G high-speed flash memory, equipped with Amlogic 4-core 64-bit CPU, which means that most tasks can be run with lower energy consumption.

Rank five: Kaibo N5 TV set-top box
Classic dual antenna design, atmospheric and better signal
The Kaibo N5 belongs to the Mango Moonlight Treasure Box series. It continues the square shape of the Kaibo box and is conducive to heat dissipation. The dual antenna design is very familiar. Aviation aluminum alloy body, with sandblasting process, the golden body texture is ready to show.

Appearance design
The N5 series continues the shape of Kaibo’s founder and is conducive to heat dissipation. It adopts aviation aluminum alloy body, and cooperates with the spinning process, and the texture is ready to show. The iconic dual high-gain antenna design makes the signal reception stronger and more stable, which is the reason why Kaibo adheres to the characteristics at all costs.
Video experience
As an important partner of Mango TV in the OTT field, Kaibo N5 Mango Moonlight Treasure Box is equipped with the official platform of Mango TV without any accident; at the same time, like many Kaibo TV set-top box products, it has built-in genuine film and television platform, and can enjoy the video resources of Mango TV.

The above is the list of TV set-top boxes recommended by Yuedong Electronics for everyone. Which brand of TV set-top boxes is good, you can choose according to your own needs, after all, everyone’s preferences are different.

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