Siemens is an old German brand, small to switch panel, large to refrigerator washing machine, the quality is very good, also more famous. Siemens not only has a long history, but also focuses on quality. It has a thick appearance, looks very texture, and cost-effective. But there are many fake goods in the market, so it is suggested to go to regular stores to buy them.


Abb is a Swiss brand, mainly engaged in high-voltage electricity, so we can rest assured in terms of quality. However, ABB’s share and popularity in China are relatively low. Its design is inclined to industrial style, which is more suitable for matching with American style decoration style. However, its design is too rigid and its frame is very thick, which is not in line with the aesthetics of modern people. Fortunately, the price is not very expensive. In addition to the ugly appearance, the cost performance is fairly good.


Schneider has a long history and is one of the top 500 brands in the world. The market is very strong and the brand has done well. No matter from the workmanship or other aspects are quite good, but Schneider switch panel price is too high, ordinary poor people can not afford it. If you have decoration needs, stamp the web link, 3 seconds out of the decoration discount offer.


Panasonic is a Japanese brand and an old brand. It is similar to Siemens. It mainly makes medium and high-end products. There is absolutely no need to worry about the quality, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, which is very cost-effective.


Take out a brand that people are familiar with. Although it has not been established for a long time, its product positioning is relatively high, and it has a certain reputation in the industry. Moreover, in China, switch panel and socket panel have always been in the leading position. Its unique design meets the needs of different plugs, and its super power protection, child protection and other functions are deeply loved by consumers. Its quality is absolutely reliable, and its cost performance is also very high.


Simon is a Spanish brand, in terms of appearance is impeccable, quality is also good, really worth buying. Its products are suitable for high-end decoration, at least I think so. But as for other aspects, the price ratio is not too bad.

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