Nowadays, with the popularity of IT industry, embedded technology has become one of the hot topics in IT industry. Embedded technology performs special functions and is controlled by internal computers. Embedded system can’t use general-purpose computer, and it runs solidified software, which is firmware in terms. It is difficult or impossible for end users to change firmware. In our life, the embedded application industry that we often use is more extensive, embedded in today’s hot, which we can not do without.

With the popularization and development of embedded system and robot technology, the functions of robot ontology are becoming more and more modular, intelligent and miniaturized. At the same time, the price of the robot is also greatly reduced, making it more widely used in military, industrial, family and medical fields. For example, a “medical service robot” has recently been developed in China. Its core components are mainly composed of CPLD and several EMCU. It can separate the brain from the robot body and put it in the mother environment, and use wireless communication to interact with the body; while the cerebellum in the service robot body can specifically receive various commands from the robot brain, control each executive and sensing mechanism of the robot, and then realize the coordination and cooperation between the various functional modules of the robot and human body.

Military defense has always been an important application field of embedded system. In the 1970s, embedded computer system was used in weapon control system, and later used in military command control and communication system. At present, embedded system can be seen in all kinds of weapon control devices (artillery, missile and intelligent bomb guidance and detonation control devices), tanks, ships, bombers, various military electronic equipment, radars, electronic countermeasures equipment, military communication equipment, various special equipment for field command and operation, etc. Weapons using embedded technology have played an important role in the war in Iraq.

Embedded system is widely used in medical instruments. In the design process, reprogramming the embedded system according to the needs can avoid the cost of the front-end chips (NRE), reduce the order related to ASIC, and reduce the huge risk of multiple trial production of chips. In addition, with the development of the standard or when the demand changes, it can also be updated on site, and designers can repeatedly use the public hardware platform, on the basis of a basic design, establish different systems, support various functions, thus greatly reducing production costs.

Which application industries are impacted by embedded technology

The product has a long life cycle, which can protect the medical instruments from being out of date too quickly. The product life cycle of the medical industry is relatively long, so this feature is very important. Modern digital medical equipment includes not only diagnosis and treatment equipment, but also data storage server and interface software. The embedded system can provide advanced technical support for the design, production and use of medical equipment.

Today, the development of embedded system has entered the era of great integration, with the following characteristics: the integration of communication, computer and consumer electronics (3C) – there is no independent 3C, only the integrated 3C, that is, information products (IA); digital analog integration, micro electromechanical integration, circuit board silicon chip integration and hardware and software design integration – towards SOC: and SIP; the development of embedded whole machine The development work has also changed from the traditional hardware based to software based; fierce market competition and technological progress call for the emergence of new product development platforms, especially SoC development platforms. With the continuous development of embedded technology, embedded system will be more widely used in all aspects of human life.


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