Bring the waveform out of the oscilloscope and the engineer out of the laboratory

Beijing, China, November 9, 2021 – tech, the world’s leading test and measurement service provider and friend of engineers, creates tekdrive + tekscope software partner for engineers to break the restrictions of physical space and realize the freedom and liberation of the workplace. The oscilloscope software analysis function can accelerate the test efficiency, improve the test repeatability and reliability, and provide engineers with a greater degree of innovative verification.

Usually, where do you store the oscilloscope waveform data? There are many possible answers, such as working computer / USB flash disk in the drawer / hard disk on oscilloscope / picture library on mobile phone / e-mail history / server that needs to be connected to VPN / non expandable, inaccessible, non shareable, severely compressed, limited format, media or location, etc.

With tekdrive, engineers can save and call important waveform data directly on the instrument or upload it directly to the cloud. Test, measurement and engineering data can be accessed by you, your team and your partners instantly and safely. Is this kind of freedom very attractive?

What about data analysis? Can it only be carried out on the oscilloscope? unwanted!

After tekdrive’s work is completed, we can install tekscope PC software on the computer. Without carrying the oscilloscope everywhere, we can analyze the waveform files from Tektronix oscilloscope or other instruments at any time and anywhere, and remotely connect to Tektronix oscilloscope to obtain data in real time. Are you sure?

Tekdrive + tekscope has opened a new era of oscilloscope test methods. They bring waveforms out of the oscilloscope and engineers out of the laboratory, making the test more convenient and efficient without being limited by time and space.

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