The cloud summit of the 2020 world VR industry conference, CO sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people’s Government of Jiangxi Province, was held in Nanchang from October 19 to 20. The conference was held in the form of online and offline simultaneous meetings and international and domestic venues. In the “vr/ar Unicorn dialogue” session, zhangdaoning, founder and CEO of Nolo VR, Xuchi, founder and CEO of nreal, and duanyouguo, co-founder of insta 360 shadow stone, discussed industrial development plans around the hot topic of virtual display industry development. Zhang daoning, Xu Chi and Duan Youguo are optimistic about the broad development prospects of the VR market. In the dialogue, they said that in order to occupy a place in the VR market, Entrepreneurial Small and medium-sized enterprises need to improve their core competitiveness and develop and produce products that consumers are satisfied with based on consumer demand.

When will VR really enter the homes of ordinary people?

From the prosperous period in 2015, to the calm period in 2017, and then to the gradual recovery in 2019, China’s virtual reality industry has walked out of a “hot cold rebound” U-shaped development curve. However, at this stage, people still haven’t seen a large-scale break in the virtual reality market, and VR technology hasn’t really entered the homes of ordinary people.

Zhangdaoning, founder and CEO of Nolo VR, said that the hardware form of VR products is one of the main reasons that restrict the large-scale promotion and application of the industry. “At present, VR products with large helmets are the most common in the entire VR industry. They are very bulky, so ordinary consumers will find it inconvenient to wear them. This is a major obstacle to the popularization of consumer electronics.” Zhang daoning said.

Zhangdaoning pointed out that the high cost is another major reason why VR products are difficult to enter the homes of ordinary people. At present, the mainstream VR all-in-one machine in the market has a high price, which is beyond the range of consumers.

At present, VR technology is not mature and does not have the universality. Zhang daoning said that although the market of VR industry is very broad, the hardware form of VR products is the “foundation” of the industry. If the hardware of the product cannot be popularized, it will be very difficult to develop the VR industry in the future.

Xuchi, founder and CEO of nreal, holds a similar view on the reasons that restrict the development of VR industry. He believes that the development of product hardware is the premise for the rise of VR industry. “From an industrial perspective, the hardware of the product includes the terminal, as well as the presentation end and collection end of the terminal. When the hardware side of the product, including the content collection end and interaction end, is mature, the development of the VR industry is only a matter of time.” Xu Chi said.

Xu Chi said that from the presentation end, the hardware has become more and more lightweight, and the cost has shown a rapid downward trend. “The lower price is very beneficial to the popularization of terminal and content products.” He said.

Duan Youguo, co-founder of insta 360 shadow stone, believes that the development of emerging things needs to go through the process from the embryonic stage, to the rising stage, to the peak, and to the decline. People should give VR and AR industries enough patience.

Duan Youguo also mentioned the impact of Internet technology on the market. He said that due to the rapid development of Internet technology, the asymmetry of information will gradually shrink. In the process of the rise of a thing, information will spread rapidly, which will lead to the enterprise operators, b-end demanders and ordinary consumers to quickly catch up with this market.

Duan Youguo believes that the market being quickly pursued is actually immature, and the industry should remain calm about this.

Fortunately, since 2018, with the development of 5g industry and the progress of artificial intelligence technology, the industrial ecosystem of VR has become more and more perfect. Duan Youguo pointed out that from the hardware collection end to the transmission, to the interactive experience, to the content production, and finally to the distribution platform, the VR industry ecological chain has become more and more perfect, so the VR industry is constantly developing from the recovery period to the outbreak period.

When will VR enterprises usher in a sustainable profit period?

The development of VR industry not only depends on the development of technology, but also needs the development of all walks of life and even all links. Most domestic and foreign virtual reality enterprises are difficult to achieve long-term profits, and enterprises are looking forward to the dawn of virtual reality. So, how can virtual reality enterprises become real unicorns and usher in the dawn of the industry?

Zhang daoning first affirmed the development prospect of VR industry. In addition, he also pointed out that at present, Entrepreneurial Small and medium-sized enterprises have great cash flow pressure. Zhang daoning put forward three suggestions on how to solve the capital problem.

First, start-ups should carry out businesses with business prospects, starting from the needs of consumers, in order to alleviate the pressure of cash flow. Second, small and medium-sized enterprises need to find their own positioning. Third, we should continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Xuchi believes that VR and Ar are brand-new tracks, and small and medium-sized enterprises also have opportunities. He said that startups should improve their core competitiveness, be patient in the commercialization process, meet consumer needs and improve the user experience.

Duanyouguo believes that technological innovation and product creativity are important, but the significance of products in the market is not limited to this. The company should adhere to the core values oriented by the needs of users. The products developed must serve users, be able to solve users’ pain points, meet users’ needs and create value for users. Only in this way can the product be developed and produced.

In addition to the development ideas of enterprises, technology is also the key point to support the development of VR. The development of 5g and AI technologies, as well as the popularization of vertical industry applications, have provided opportunities for the development of VR industry.

Zhang daoning believes that the combination of 5g and VR is an important engine to promote the development of VR industry. However, he also said that the development of VR industry itself is more important. He believes that the first step in the development of VR industry is to popularize VR terminals. Therefore, VR terminals need to become lighter, smaller, more portable, easier to use, more fashionable and cheaper.

Xuchi believes that in addition to the development of new technologies, the market itself is also full of many opportunities. He said that VR and Ar are new and step-by-step growth tracks, and the global market pattern is uncertain. Domestic VR and AR enterprises also have the opportunity to take the lead in the global market. In order to occupy a place in the market competition, enterprises need to design a good development route, step on their own “footprints” and become the definer of new standards. After being recognized by the market, we should strengthen our own brand through the improvement of core technology, so as to drive the development of the entire VR industry ecology.

Duan Youguo emphasized the important role played by top technology enterprises and industrial chain giants in the VR industry. “Industry chain giants will promote the rapid growth of VR ecological chain.” He said.

Can Nanchang support a VR industrial cluster?

Enterprises play an important role in the development of VR industry. The complete VR industry chain jointly built by enterprises and the government is expected to become a new engine for the high-quality development of the virtual reality industry.

Jiangxi has become the highland of virtual reality industry, but the ecological distance of domestic virtual reality is still a long way from becoming mature. Zhangdaoning believes that Nanchang has great potential in the construction of domestic virtual reality ecology. He said that Nanchang should provide continuous support and help to enterprises upstream and downstream of the VR industrial chain. The prosperity of VR industry depends on numerous companies in the industrial chain. It is obviously not enough to support only a few enterprises.

In addition, zhangdaoning also mentioned that as the VR capital of the world, Nanchang should be good at finding hidden champions in the upstream and downstream of the VR industry chain and give them key support. He believes that Nanchang is enough for the revitalization of the domestic VR industry. Just like Silicon Valley in the United States, one region is enough to drive the prosperity of the entire industry and support the entire industry.

Xuchi also believes that Nanchang needs to give key support to the invisible champions in the VR industry chain, or some enterprises in urgent need of development. He said that the entire industrial chain of VR and AR is highly complex. In this field, a large part of resources can be reused. Therefore, Nanchang can use existing resources to support existing enterprises, and there is no need to rebuild more platforms.

During the dialogue, Xu Chi also stressed the importance of group effect. He pointed out that the VR industry chain involves many links, including many sub sectors. If all VR practitioners are gathered in one area, a group effect can be formed, talent resources can be gathered, and a good industrial ecology can be built.

VR and AR industries are a brand-new track, full of uncertainties and challenges. Xuchi believes that enterprises should be given full opportunities for innovation and trial and error, and be patient with the growth of enterprises. The success and failure on the new track are valuable assets for the industry. On the new track, some overseas giant companies are willing to spend real money on a large scale in order to explore core technologies. What they are exploring is a technical path they are not familiar with. Although their exploration fails, they can still accumulate a lot of experience.

Duan Youguo said that Nanchang took the lead in creating a large-scale VR industrial cluster center in the world. Nanchang government has given great policy support to VR industry and comprehensive service support to VR ecological enterprises to help VR enterprises achieve faster development.

Duan Youguo hopes that Nanchang will be the center of the VR industry in the future, attracting more cities to participate in the construction of VR ecology. Duan Youguo suggested that in addition to policy guidance and support, relevant departments should also provide relevant support in the implementation of major applications. At the same time, enterprises should also improve their own business. From product research and development, to talent training, to application implementation, in each link, enterprises should be down-to-earth, do a solid job in every work, adhere to innovation, and do not give up easily.
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