Lierda NB860/MB960 series modules are the third-generation 5G NB-IoT modules developed by Lierda based on Huawei’s Hisilicon Boudica200 platform. This module integrates the advantages of high cost performance, high security and low power consumption, and adds Bluetooth, OpenCPU, GNSS positioning and other capabilities, providing millions of smart meters, smart smoke detectors, smart parking, smart street lights, etc. Mature NB-IoT applications provide better options.

  Introduction to basic parameters

Lierda’s third-generation NB-IoT module integrates Bluetooth BLE5.0 technology, which supports the coexistence of Bluetooth and NB technology, and shares RF and front-end devices to meet users’ applications in various scenarios.

The main specifications are as follows:
1. NB860&MB960 integrates BLE function and supports coexistence of BLE and NB-IoT;
2. BLE and NB-IoT can share RF and front-end devices to reduce costs;
3. BLE protocol stack: V5.0 version;
4. Data transmission rate: 2Mbps, 1Mbps;
5. Frequency: 2.4GHz;

At the same time, NB also meets the requirements of low power consumption. The specific parameters are as follows:
1. Deep sleep power consumption: 2.0uA (Note: NB is in PSM state at this time)
2. Transmission power consumption: 28mA (10dBm)@3.6V
3. Receive power consumption:[email protected]
4. Broadcast power consumption 10uA (10.24s broadcast cycle)

The Bluetooth function of the third-generation NB-IoT module supports a variety of application scenarios:
1. Firmware upgrade service;
2. Equipment maintenance testing and diagnosis;
3. Near-end interconnection;
4. Lierda provides the Android APP Demo program BLE Assistant, which supports transparent transmission of BLE data, AT commands, FOTA upgrade, and capture of maintenance information.

  “NB-IoT+Bluetooth function”This design allowsNB modules have the advantages of short-range wireless communication in the field of low-power wide-area networks, customers can configure module parameters or perform software upgrades later through Bluetooth, and end users can also communicate with the device through mobile phone Bluetooth, easily read module data, execute various AT commands and other operations.

  command interaction

The user can operate the module in real time through the mobile APP. Taking the AT command interaction between the mobile APP and the NB860 module as an example, the contents of the AT command configuration command between the MCU/PC and the module are as follows:



AT+BLEPWR=1//Open the Bluetooth protocol stack

AT+BLENAME=Lierda//Set the Bluetooth name to Lierda

AT+BLESETADVDATA=07094c6965726461,020A00//Set broadcast data

AT+BLEPAIRCFG=0,0,0//Set IO capability

AT+BLEADV=1,32,32,0xffffffff,0,0,0,””,7,0//Enable broadcast and configure broadcast parameters


AT+BLEPINMODE=1//Set fixed key mode

AT+BLEPINVAL=832149//Set the fixed key to 832149

At this time, the user can operate the mobile phone APP to connect the NB860 module Bluetooth

+BLEPAIRDONE:64,0//Complete pairing


When the serial port displays +BLEPAIRDONE: 64,0, it means that the current module Bluetooth and mobile phone Bluetooth have been paired. At this time, the user can establish an L2CAP connection with the NB860 module through the APP and send data.

The module URC displays the data sent by the mobile phone Bluetooth



It is worth noting that, based on L2CAP, users can also complete the AT command interaction with the module through the APP.

Similarly, NB860 supports near-end software upgrade on the basis of L2CAP, and realizes the software upgrade of mobile APP to NB module. This function can satisfy users’ post-maintenance in multiple scenarios, and the usage scenarios are more imaginative.

Lierda’s third-generation NB-IoT module, NB860/MB960, will be more competitive in the market while improving performance in an all-round way. We will join hands with industry partners to jointly build the Internet of Everything, inject new vitality into the low-power wide-area IoT market, and look forward to the performance of this module in applications.

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