The wheels of history roll forward, and people’s life is gradually transitioning to intelligent life. The most intuitive performance is the change of mobile phone vassal. MP3 and MP4 are mobile phone vassal in the era of functional mobile phones, which can meet people’s needs for multimedia such as audio and video, while mobile phone vassal in the era of smart phones has evolved into smart wearable devices such as smart bracelets and smart watches.

In June, IDC, a famous data research institution, released a report on the overall data and future development of smart wearable devices in 2018. The report predicts that the total shipments of global wearable devices will reach 124.9 million in 2018, and smart watches and smart bracelets account for the majority of smart wearable devices. Around 2022, the market share of smart watches is expected to increase to about 45%, and smart watches may become the main development direction of the smart wearable device industry in the future.

When can domestic smart watches surpass applewatch

Early smart watches faced three natural grabs

The concept of smart watch was first put forward around 2000. Microsoft launched commercial products of smart watch in 2003. However, after more than ten years of development, the market share still lags far behind that of smart bracelet. The reason for the long development time and small market share is that there are three congenital deficiencies in smart watch.

First, the practicability is poor. The functionality of smart watches and smart bracelets is poor. They only have functions such as reminder, health monitoring and clock, but these functions are not just the needs of consumers, and some core functions are not perfect. In addition to the core functions, there are few other incidental functions.

For example, the two core functions of information reminder and time display can be realized by mobile phones, smart bracelets and traditional watches, which can replace many products; The core health monitoring function of smart watches is not perfect. In addition to the lack of some user experience, the accuracy of monitoring data also needs to be improved; In addition, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, some smart watches also add other additional functions to the watches, such as the function of simulating urban bus card. However, in fact, they only support payment in a few bus systems. Therefore, the practicability of smart watches still needs to be improved.

Second, homogenization is serious. Although smart watches have only developed for 3 or 4 years, the degree of homogenization is comparable to the smart phone industry that has developed for decades. Smart watches are mainly divided into sports smart watches, functional smart watches and traditional smart watches. At present, sports smart watches and functional smart watches account for about 97% in the market. According to the ranking list of smart watches in 2018 given by CNPP big data platform, eight of the top ten products are functional smart watches, which have the ability to carry independent app, and can realize the functions of information recovery, listening to music and health data monitoring. In addition, the appearance of smart watches on the market is also very similar, almost all of which are square and circular dials.

Third, battery endurance. Function and endurance are like the relationship between fish and bear’s paw. You can’t have both. For long endurance, there must be a sacrifice in functionality. Considering the size of the dial, the consideration of aesthetics and the limitations of battery materials, smart watches can only plug 500-600 Ma lithium batteries. When the functions of smart watches are becoming more and more powerful, the charging frequency is maintained at one charge a day. Compared with the smart bracelet with simple functions, the battery life ability is at a great disadvantage.

At present, smart watches generally have the problems of practicability, homogenization and continuous flight difference. They also account for a low proportion in the smart wear industry, which is difficult to have a great impact on the market. But there are exceptions to everything. Apple watch has achieved great results.

Why can Apple watch climb the peak alone

Apple watch is the main contributor to the introduction of smart watches to the public, and it is also synonymous with the best smart watch. Today, Apple’s smart watch has developed to the generation of Apple watch series 4, which has obvious advantages over the previous generation and similar products.

First, it has strong function. In addition to the timing, information reminder, simple entertainment and health data monitoring functions of ordinary smart watches, apple watch series 4 also has call function, unique ECG drawing function and fall detection function. The call function is practical and can facilitate users to call in some scenes such as crowded buses and inconvenient use of mobile phones.

The ECG drawing function further enriches the health function of the smart watch and has been verified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Another practical function is the fall detection function. The watch can judge the user’s fall through the gravity sensor. If the user does not move within one minute after the query is fruitless, the watch will automatically send messages to the user’s emergency contact and dial the emergency service phone. This function is very considerate to the elderly and children.

Second, the highest level of dustproof and waterproof. IP68 is the highest level of dustproof and waterproof, which can completely prevent foreign objects from entering the interior of the smart watch and can still be used normally at a depth of 50 meters underwater. Wearing a smart watch on the wrist will inevitably get wet, and it is inconvenient to remove it frequently. It is very necessary to prevent dust and water. After using IP 68 dust-proof and waterproof, the watch can also be used when it rains and takes a bath, which greatly improves the user experience.

Third, the user experience is good. Apple watch series 4 improves product features and user experience. Although the dial size of the new Apple watch series 4 is 2mm larger than that of the previous generation, its screen display area is nearly 200 square mm larger, and the body is thinner than that of the previous generation. In addition, apple watch series 4 further optimizes the watch OS system and interactive logic, enriches product functions, and good user experience can also greatly improve the product reputation compared with the previous generation.

It is extremely cold at high altitude, and apple watch faces three threats

Although Apple watch series 4 has many innovations in products and excellent comprehensive performance, there are still some obvious shortcomings.

It’s expensive. Although Apple’s products have always been expensive, the price of the apple watch series 4 has risen from 2588 yuan to 3199 yuan compared with the original apple watch, while the starting price of the 2018 iPad is only 2565 yuan. Compared with smart watches with similar performance on the market, the price of Apple watch series 4 is not dominant. The price of Huawei watch 2 2018 version is 1988 yuan, the price of moto 360 second generation is 1299 yuan, and the price of Samsung gear sport is only 2299 yuan. In addition, Saiyi’s “brief analysis report on smart watches” shows that smart watches with a price of 1000-2000 are most easily accepted by consumers. Therefore, the expensive price of Apple smart watches will be another short board in addition to the shortage of the product itself.

The system is not open enough. Watch OS is a smart watch system specially developed by apple for Apple watch, which has the advantages of beauty, strong functionality and convenient operation. However, from the first generation to the fifth generation of watch OS, watch OS does not support third-party dial, and only supports a small number of third-party native apps. The system ecological openness is not enough compared with wear OS (Android).

The audience is small. Apple watch series 4 cannot be used with Android phones or WP phones. IDC predicts that the sales of Android phones will account for 85% of the mobile phone market share in 2018, while Apple smart watches can only be used with apple phones, and the audience will be greatly limited. In addition, apple watch series 4 only supports phones with iPhone 5S and above, which will further narrow the audience of Apple watch series 4.

Learn from the past, how do domestic smart watches keep out the cold

There are many smart Watch Companies in China, but the gap with giants such as apple is very obvious. Therefore, if domestic smart watch brands want to improve their voice, they should see the advantages and disadvantages of Apple watches and learn from each other to win the recognition of the market and consumers.

First, continue to maintain the price advantage. Domestic smart watches are more or less inferior to Apple smart watches in terms of brand value, system experience and product functionality. If you want to compete for the market from apple, you need to establish a brand image and improve the system experience. The biggest disadvantage of Apple smart watches is that they are expensive. Therefore, domestic smart watches should maintain price advantages while maintaining similar performance as far as possible, so as to enhance product competitiveness.

Secondly, continue to use the open source operating system to ensure high compatibility between software to the greatest extent. Open compatibility makes Android system overturn Symbian system and become one of the kings of mobile phone operating system. Now most domestic smart watches adopt watch OS developed based on Android system, which has open compatibility gene, which is an excellent advantage compared with “closed” watch OS. Domestic smart watch brands may wish to continue to use the open source system to ensure the compatibility between software, which is not only conducive to expanding the audience, but also conducive to enhancing the functionality and competitiveness of domestic smart watches.

Finally, enhance the practicability of smart watches. The lack of practicability of smart watches is an important problem perplexing the development of smart watches. Domestic smart watches can increase life functions, such as NFC analog access control card, one button emergency call, lighting and home appliance switch, so as to facilitate users to enjoy life. In addition, it can also enhance hardware functions, such as equipping smart watches with larger flash memory and memory, so as to strengthen the ability of smart watches in video playback and meet the video playback needs of some drama chasers when it is inconvenient to use mobile phones.

Can smart watches climb to the peak of the smart wearable device market

The relationship among smart watches, smart bracelets and smart phones is changing. The rapid rise of smart watches is the fuse for the change of the relationship between the three. So how will smart watches develop in the future?

On the one hand, the functions of smart watches and mobile phones are converging day by day. Judging from the smart watches currently released on the market, their functions are approaching smart phones. Taking Huawei watch 2 Pro as an example, it already has the core functions of smart phones such as independent call, Internet access and mobile payment. The only missing core function is entertainment. From the sales of smart watches on major e-commerce platforms, Smart watches focusing on entertainment are gradually increasing, and the boundary between smart watches and smart phones will gradually blur in the future.

On the other hand, smart watches will gradually replace smart bracelets. At present, smart bracelet is still the main force in smart wearable devices, but its functions have been included by smart watches. The functions of smart watches are still increasing. In the future, the price may be diversified like smart phones. The competitiveness of smart bracelets will gradually disappear, and it is likely to disappear in the smart wearable device market in the future.


At present, smart watches are more like high-end toys. They are not as practical as smart phones, and their price is not as good as smart bracelets. Their status is quite embarrassing. It can be seen from the current report of the best smart watch Apple watch series 4 and the data research institute that the short board of smart watches is being quickly supplemented. The next few years will be the golden development period of smart watches, which is also an opportunity for domestic smart watches to go to the world.

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