Since China officially issued 5g license in 2019, more than 700000 5g base stations have been built, and the shipment volume of 5g mobile phones has exceeded 100 million. It has to be admitted that 5g has made great progress in just one year after its release, and it has also found a new way for many industries.

However, with the continuous coverage of 5g network and the increasing number of 5g mobile phones, ordinary consumers are paying more and more attention to the simplest question: what is the use of 5g?

Some people may say that 5g network speed is fast, downloading things is faster than many broadband, so what else? Xiaolei thinks that many 5g users will now feel like this: after changing 5g mobile phones and packages, there is no immediate improvement in perception. The key reason is that there is no support for adaptive applications.

“5g useless” is not the first time it has appeared in public. Looking back six or seven years, there is also a voice of “4G is useless” when 3G is converted to 4G. It thinks that 4G network is nothing more than making related applications more fluent, and it can not bring much perception improvement. But now go back to using 3G mobile phone to brush some micro blog or short video app, the experience is one word: card!

What's the use of 5g?

It can be said that the success of 4G network, Internet companies have contributed a lot, especially the late rise of video platform, short video platform, greatly improved our requirements for network speed, 4G finally has a place to play, it can also be said that we have to use 4G network, otherwise the experience can not be guaranteed.

However, compared with 4G network, 5g network speed is fast, but there is a “marginal effect”. In other words, we can meet these needs by using 4G network, and the appearance of 5g network does not improve the quality of experience. In addition, it has something to do with the imperfection of 5g construction itself. In a word, compared with “good publicity”, 5g network in reality seems to be too “bony”.

5g network? The perception is really not strong

Xiaolei bought a 5g mobile phone at the end of last year. In one year’s experience, Xiaolei left an impression of four words: weak perception.

Take the download speed of 5g as an example. Although the mobile phone network speed can be increased to 300MB / S (about 30m / s) without opening the 5g package, this situation must be established in the case of good 5g signal. Although the 5g coverage rate in Guangzhou is already at the first-class level in China, there are still many areas with poor 5g signal coverage, which may even lead to the failure of mobile phones to connect to the network and even the failure of sending wechat messages. At this time, Xiaolei’s only solution is to turn off the 5g network option and switch the mobile phone to 4G mode.

Besides, besides some large APP, tiktok can also run smoothly under 4G network, such as watching videos, brushing micro-blog and shaking the voice. To say that the most commonly used app is nothing more than the speed test app. In the daily use of app, the “strong” 5g network is useless.

The network fluctuates greatly

In addition, the current 5g package charges are relatively high. At present, the minimum consumption standard of China Unicom’s 5g package is 129 yuan, providing 30g traffic and 500 minutes of voice calls. According to the monthly average usage of Internet users released by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2019, the monthly average usage of Internet users has reached 8.59g, an increase of about 37.5% compared with 2018. There are a large number of users with monthly average usage of more than 30g. For such users, 5g meals are not only expensive, but also have no advantage in the total amount of traffic, so it is difficult to attract them to take the initiative to upgrade.

At present, the 5g package is still in the initial stage of implementation, and operators are more willing to give priority to the development of high-end users (that is, high consumption users). The monthly rent from 129 yuan is not high among high-end users. For them, 5g can provide a better online experience and enhance brand stickiness in disguised form.

In addition, the higher monthly rent also establishes a not low threshold in disguise, which can avoid the influx of a large number of users in a short period of time, resulting in the deterioration of network experience, and ultimately seriously affect the reputation of operators.

In fact, when the 4G network was just opened, the charges were not cheap. The 4G package with 1g traffic cost 70 yuan a month. Xiaolei thinks that the future 5g tariff will be the same as the original 4G tariff, and it will slowly go down, but no one knows how long it will take.

High cost of coverage

In addition to the factors mentioned above, 5g coverage will directly affect the user experience. First of all, we need to understand that the coverage of 5g base stations is far less than that of 3G and 4G base stations before. The coverage of a 4G base station can reach 1km, that of a 3G base station can reach 5km, and that of a 5g base station is only about 300m.

In order to popularize 4G network, China has built about 3.4 million base stations in China, accounting for 68% of the world. You should know that foreign operators will only lay 4G base stations in densely populated areas, and some wilderness areas will only provide you with 2g3g base stations at most. The reason is also very simple, the cost is too high. The initial investment cost of a 4G base station is about 100000 yuan. In China, it costs 340 billion yuan to cover 4G base stations alone. Assuming that the cost of a single 5g base station is about 600000 yuan, we need 3.4 million * 4 * 600000 = 8.2 trillion yuan to achieve 4G base station coverage.

In addition, ordinary users can only access the public oriented network, terminal, content and application, while the Internet of things application oriented to government and enterprise scenes is generally less. Although the majority of 5g users are ordinary consumers, the biggest value of 5g network is in the business enterprise end. According to the industry forecast, 80% of 5g application scenarios will focus on the Internet of things, which is beyond the reach of ordinary public users.

80% of the value brought by 5g is beyond the perception of ordinary users. If they can’t feel the gap between 5g and 4G network in 20% of the area they can perceive, “5g useless theory” can’t be easily eliminated.

Although the current 5g network close to the daily use of the point is too few, but does not mean that it has no space and future. Take a simple example: on the way to the hospital, the patient’s diagnosis image can be transmitted to the emergency doctor, and the corresponding diagnosis and treatment plan can be formulated, which can be implemented directly after the patient is admitted to the hospital. Even if the transmission time is reduced by one minute, it may create more space to save this life. This value is enough to prove that 5g is useful in the future.

The future of 5g is the future of society

In a word, 5g network is really nothing “novel” for today’s users. There are many users using 4G mobile phones and 4G packages, and even many users will still give priority to 4G mobile phones at the “first year” of 5g. At this stage, if you spend more money to buy a 5g mobile phone and apply for a 5g package, it’s almost useless except for running a higher network speed on the speed app.

But this is just an idea that consumers have come up with from their own point of view. You should know that the 3G era from 2001 to 2010 is the golden decade of PC, and the 4G era from 2011 to 2020 is the golden decade of mobile Internet. Xiaolei has also witnessed the wealth opportunities brought by the two times of Internet. Some of the people who seize the opportunities are now the top executives of Internet enterprises, or even the leaders in the industry Things.

You can’t see clearly the opportunities brought by 5g network, but you can’t easily conclude that 5g technology is useless. If you want to quit the race while the runway is still laying, the loss is not as simple as a decade.

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