“The success or failure of everything depends on what people do”. Similarly, all walks of life are “pyramids”.

The people at the top of the tower will never worry about the future of the industry. Only the grassroots or the middle class will consider these. The rise and fall of the industry is similar to the change of history. It will not be prosperous or decline for a long time. In this era of “personal ability is money”, I believe that as long as you can do well or learn any technology well, the impact of the external environment on you will not be fatal.

To get back to the point, with regard to the prospect of Linux and its role in all walks of life, it can be predicted that Linux will become one of the necessary technologies for it people in the next 3-8 years, but the degree of individual mastery or company demand is different;

From the perspective of different application fields of Linux

First, as an enterprise server system, although Linux appeared later than windows and UNIX, it has now occupied more than 90% of the market. For example, bat / TMD and even the official portal of Microsoft use Linux system. Linux system can be used to build WWW server, database server, load balancing server, mail server, DNS server, proxy server and router for enterprises, which not only reduces the operating cost of enterprises, but also obtains the high stability and reliability brought by Linux system, and does not need to consider the copyright of commercial software. At present, Linux system has penetrated into telecom, finance, government, education, banking, oil and other industries. At the same time, major hardware manufacturers also support Linux operating system one after another.

The second is the application field of embedded Linux system. This field is not familiar with most operation and maintenance, because this Linux system is mainly used as a development platform. For example, network equipment routing and switching, firewall system, special control system, such as vending machine, mobile phone, PDA, various household appliances, etc. if you don’t understand these, then Android mobile phone You must know that Android is based on Linux. In this field, we see it more as development, which is a fast-growing and energy consuming industry. I think it’s also a “talent oriented” industry, which can not be made up by simply writing tens of thousands of lines of code, but more is the knowledge and understanding of algorithms and data structures. It can be a long-lasting industry, but only suitable for a small number of people;

From the perspective of Technology (blockchain cloud computing big data AI)

First of all, cloud computing is also the one I am most familiar with. You can regard cloud computing as the “deep cultivation” of “operation and maintenance” technology. For the concept of cloud computing, you can go to Baidu on your own. You can also take a look at Amazon’s definition and application of cloud computing technology. However, Amazon cloud, Google cloud and alicloud are almost all deployed on Linux system, and then apply the allocation of hardware and software resources To put it bluntly, it is “I’ll give you as much as you want; if you don’t want it, you can return it to save money and trouble”. The most direct sentence is “if you want to be a niux cloud computing engineer, Linux must and must be the technology you want to learn.”. Here are the technologies you must learn: KVM, docker, k8s, openstack, etc. of course, openstack is generally the best cloud platform technology for teaching beginners. Some companies will do secondary development (such as Huawei’s cloud computing certification).

The second is big data. If cloud computing is closely related to enterprise business, then big data and the life of “users” can’t be separated. I believe everyone has searched for some products in a certain treasure, and “guess what you like” will have a large number of related link recommendations after logging in next time. This is the charm of big data. Based on the deployment of Hadoop and spark services on Linux, it is of great significance to the Internet“ Of course, I don’t do big data myself, so I can only talk about it with you;

Finally, AI Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, which are popular nowadays, are actually mainly “development” levels, but they are closely related to “cloud computing” and “big data”, but the underlying operating system is Linux. Other may only be the subject of their own Baidu or waiting for someone

To sum up, many technical statements may be too general, but the main question is “what’s the future of Linux?” I only take out several major industries that have been in the “Spotlight” in recent years. These industries may not have deep requirements for Linux technology, but there is no doubt that “Linux based system” is the question. At present, for novices, or at the bottom of operation and maintenance From the perspective of technology convergence and the practical application of enterprises in the current market, cloud computing can be the preferred development direction in the later stage.


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