In daily life, whether it is computer, TV or projection equipment, it is inseparable from the video output interface. At present, there are mainly four kinds of video interfaces on the market: HDMI, VGA, DVI and DP. With the further development of HD equipment, HDMI interface is the mainstream in the market, and DP interface is also widely used. So what’s the difference between HDMI and DP? Which is more HD? Who is more advanced? Why is DP not as popular as HDMI? Now the professor will say ~ first of all, to know the answer to this question, let’s first understand the HDMI interface and DP interface.

What's the difference between HDMI and DP? Why is DP not as popular as HDMI?

HDMI interface: high definition multimedia interface, which can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data. The highlight of HDMI interface is that only one HDMI cable is needed to transmit video and audio signals at the same time, without conversion before signal transmission, DP interface can ensure the highest quality of video signal transmission: display port is a high-definition digital display interface standard, which can be connected to the computer and monitor, also can be connected to the computer and home theater. Through active or passive adapters, the interface can be backward compatible with traditional interfaces such as HDMI and DVI.

After a brief introduction of HDMI interface and DP interface, let’s take a look at their similarities and differences!

1. Leading manufacturers are not the same. There is no saying that HD is more advanced

HDMI is dominated by TV manufacturers (mainly some Japanese enterprises); DP is led by VESA Association (the main members are PC and display manufacturers). HDMI requires an authorization fee, but DP does not.

2. In terms of popularity, HDMI interface supports more kinds of devices

In the popularization of the two interfaces, HDMI interface is obviously more than DP interface in daily life. Most TV, projector and other display devices are HDMI interface, and HDMI interface is also widely used in home set-top boxes.

However, DP interface is only popular in PC field and high-end display due to its late launch.

Why is DP not as popular as HDMI?

The popularity of a new video interface needs to be jointly promoted by the manufacturers of graphics card and display terminal. From the current market situation, many graphics card devices have DP interface, but there are not enough DP interfaces designed on display terminal devices.

It is precisely because the equipment manufacturers are not active enough in promoting DP, and HDMI has been popularized on a large scale in recent years, and the effect is very good. For equipment manufacturers, there is no need for a more homogeneous interface.

At present, many accessory brands have launched high-quality video transmission lines in the market, and the well-known one is ugreen. Over the years, green link, which has been deeply engaged in the digital accessories industry, is well versed in the needs of users and has already launched a series of video transmission lines to meet the audio / video transmission needs of users.

On HDMI line, lvlian has launched HDMI 2.1 standard HD line! It supports 7680×4320 resolution and 3D stereo imaging technology, which can restore the real details in high definition, and at the same time bring you the visual shock of being on the scene, giving you a more pleasant viewing and game experience.

In addition, the green link also launched a 165 Hz refresh rate DP line, which supports 7680 x 4320 resolution transmission to meet the needs of high-quality audio and video. 32.4gbps total bandwidth, stronger transmission, multiplayer game image does not tear, stuck, delay, bring stronger visual effect of the game.

For the majority of users, as long as they can start from their own equipment needs, budget, practicality, and purchase on demand, whether it is HDMI or DP, it is very good. What do you think of HDMI and DP? Welcome to chat in the message area~

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