With the rapid development of mobile phones, there are more and more 8-core processors. Does the 8-core processor have twice the performance of the 4-core Processor? Let’s have a look!

01 CPU (central processing unit), Chinese name is “central processing unit”, it is a very large-scale integrated circuit, is a mobile phone or a computer computing core and control core.

Because it is a circuit board, so as long as the technology is up to, the difficulty of production and processing is not big. The foundry, such as TSMC and Samsung, can produce it.

There are four key elements of 02cpu

Main frequency, its unit is megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz), now the CPU speed has reached gigahertz (GHz).

For processors with the same architecture and brand, the higher the main frequency is, the faster the CPU processes data. This is the same as the horsepower of a car. The higher the horsepower is, the faster the car runs and the stronger the climbing ability is.

03 manufacturing process:

Because CPU is a very large-scale integrated circuit, there are hundreds of millions of transistors on a chip, so it is quite a test of the technical strength of the foundry.

At present, the unit of processor manufacturing process is nanometer (nm). The smaller the process, the smaller the chip, the less heat and power consumption, and the better the performance.

04 core:

At present, the processor core mainly includes dual core (Apple A6 processor), four core (snapdragon 805 processor), eight core (mt6595 processor, Huawei Hisilicon), and single core processor has been basically eliminated in smart phones.

The core chip of the processor is the most important part of the processor. There are several core chips, which are multi-core processors. Theoretically, the more cores there are, the better the performance of the processor will be.

Take the eight core processor as an example. Eight core means that there are eight cores in a processor. Although the performance is equivalent to eight processors, it does not mean that there are eight independent processors.

As for whether an eight core processor is better or a four core processor is better, we can not draw a simple conclusion. Like the “main frequency” part mentioned above, brand is equally important.

Huawei’s eight core processor is certainly better than its own four core processor, but Huawei’s eight core processor may not be as good as Apple’s four core processor.

According to the test results of geekbench 3 and other professional scoring software, the score of eight core processor is indeed higher, and its performance is stronger in theory. However, for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, the real trade-off is the balance between performance and endurance, so in practical applications, users may not feel huge differences. Another classic case is that Apple’s IOS devices have been using dual core processors, but due to the excellent optimization of IOS itself, it seems that the actual operation speed and game performance are not inferior to those of Android phones equipped with eight core processors.

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