Core i7 and core i5 are CPU configurations commonly used in notebook computers, so how much difference do these two processors have? Will the Core i7 be better than the core i5? Now let’s give you a detailed introduction of the difference between the two.

The processor of a computer is the same as that of a mobile phone. Different processor products are oriented to different markets and different prices. The core i5 processor mainly attacks middle and low-end products, so it is cheaper than high-end products in terms of price. The general sales price is about 1000 yuan. At present, most of the notebook computers with 3000-4000 yuan in the market are equipped with this processor, which is affordable for normal online chatting and normal online game entertainment, so it is favored by many manufacturers.

The core R7 processor is facing the high-end market, which is generally the standard configuration of some game fever level players. In terms of price, it is nearly 1000 yuan higher than the core i5 processor. This is also one of the reasons why the price of notebook equipped with this series of processors is generally higher in the current market. However, the series of processors have more powerful computing power and processing power, especially in the game, this gap is very obvious.

Compared with i7, the performance of core i5 processor is much worse, because i5 processor does not have hyper threading function, so it has obvious weakness in compatibility, and computing power will be greatly reduced. I7 processor supports hyper threading, which is necessary for video makers.


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