Football is undoubtedly the sport with the highest production value, widest audience and greatest influence in the world. There is no religion in the world that can match football in terms of distribution and number of beliefs. Recently, blockchain and football have become very popular. Some blockchain projects have reached cooperation with European football giants. Some of them help clubs issue coins, some provide players with NFT collection cards, and some provide fans with voting rights… Successfully attracted To gain the attention of the old fans in DappReview, we tried two football dapps. Blockchain really gave football fans a dream of being a football manager. Of course, it is only a dream at present.

Fans are called the "twelfth man" on the football field, and some club officials often emphasize that fans are the real owners of the team. Unfortunately, these "owners" are only in name. They can neither decide the team's signings for next season, nor have the right to choose the team's jersey style, and they don't even say anything about the team's peripherals.

How to truly realize the fans are the masters of the house? Some internationally renowned football clubs see possibilities on the blockchain. Recently, FC Barcelona announced that it has jointly launched the Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) with ChiliZ, a blockchain sports entertainment fan interaction platform. 300 million Barcelona fans around the world can directly participate in the voting decisions of club affairs by holding the tokens.

Prior to this, 6 clubs including Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, etc. had reached cooperation with ChiliZ. What is ChiliZ, a company that has won La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and Turkish Super League championship teams in one fell swoop? Are fan tokens an innovation or a gimmick? Let's take a look.

Giant harvester ChiliZ

When it comes to ChiliZ, friends who are concerned about the blockchain application industry may not be unfamiliar. Back in June 2018, Binance invested in ChiliZ, a blockchain-based sports competition platform. Through this, many people got to know this blockchain project from Malta. This team with a background in the online gambling industry made a high-profile entry into the sports industry in the second half of 2018, announcing the start of building a blockchain-based fan interaction system, through which fans can purchase the native token Chiliz, and then use it to buy teams 's Fan Token.

Fan tokens are issued in limited quantities, for example, FC Barcelona will offer fans 40 million Barça Fan Tokens (named $BAR), each worth €2. Fans with tokens can vote on things like the club's jersey colors, stadium music and logos, friendly matches, charity lineups, and more.

Voting is binding, which means that clubs must implement the results of the vote. So if fans vote for their jersey colour change, the club will have to deliver on its promise. Given that votes are conducted on a blockchain platform, meaning they cannot be tampered with or deleted – fans are a team's source of income, and no team would offend fans for that.

In January, fans of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus club used the Socios platform to vote for the song to play when a home goal was scored. It was also the first poll on the platform, with fans choosing British band Blur's Song 2 as the song to play when the home goal was scored.

The club raises funds directly from the fans and obtains most of the income without paying any equity price, without touching the interests of the shareholders behind it, and the fans who pay the money can also get the pleasure of participating in the decision-making. Why not do such a thing? In September 2018, the French giants Paris Saint-Germain, with Neymar, Mbappe and other superstars, took the lead in reaching a cooperation with Socios, followed by the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and the Serie A champion Juventus, and then the Premier League's first signing ball. The team West Ham United… and the newly joined Barcelona, ​​fans can already see 7 of the world's top football clubs on the Socios App.

No matter how small things are, it is up to the fans to decide

We tried to buy a fan token on and found that the app is very friendly to Chinese users and actually supports Simplified Chinese. Below the main interface, there are five tabs: "Home", "Wallet", "Hunting", "Information" and "More". Among them, "Hunt" is an AR game, similar to the gameplay of "Pokemon Go", will obtain the player's geographic location, and the player will be able to collect free $CHZ and fan tokens every day.

We found that only five clubs are currently issuing tokens, with Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid and Roma’s fan tokens worth €2 each, while Turkish giants Galatasaray’s tokens are more affordable Some, as long as 1.5 euros, after all, it is not a team in the five major leagues. The token offerings of Barcelona and West Ham have yet to wait for official notification.

Currently, one $CHZ is roughly equivalent to 9 cents in RMB. In the "Daily Hunt" of the "Hunt" interface, players can collect 3 $CHZ every day, worth 27 cents. From the map, these three $CHZ coins are scattered in the three neighborhoods around me. Given the current epidemic situation, I will definitely not be able to get them without a pass.

If you want to hunt for free, don't even think about it. If you want to own $CHZ, you have to obediently deposit money. When you come to Sorare's wallet interface, there are two ways to recharge: you can buy $CHZ from other trading platforms and transfer it to the Ethereum address in the app; you can also buy it directly in the app with a credit card. In essence, the app is still a centralized wallet, and the fan coins you buy are only stored in the app, not in your own Ethereum wallet. But to a certain extent, such a centralized approach is easier for fans outside the currency circle to use.

Charge 2 EUR worth of $CHZ to the App Wallet address, try clicking "Get Fan Token", and you can get your first fan token in your life. Coincidentally, the Juventus club is conducting the second round of voting. The voting content is what functions do you want to add to the Juventus app: food delivery to the stands, augmented reality, knowledge quizzes and payment functions. Each person can use a maximum of 200 tokens to vote, and the current voting progress is more than halfway through. We see that the biggest demand from fans is to add the payment function.

Let’s take a look at what other giants have “big things” for fans to make a decision: Paris Saint-Germain is asking fans for information to add to the captain’s armband, Atletico Madrid wants to help striker Morata choose a teammate to join him Taking a photo, Galatasaray has a lot of trouble choosing what to choose for the team's entry… After watching the voting activities of these teams, it's a big deal, just start a Twitter vote. Well!

Socios: the ancient membership system

Although most of the current votes are rather tasteless, these limited-edition fan tokens are indeed very attractive, but we prefer that the fan tokens truly belong to the fans, rather than the old leeks who are hoarding coins. Interestingly, the name of is derived from the names given to their members by the two traditional giants of La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are among the few members-only clubs in the world, and their members are also called "Socios," a Spanish word that means "partners." Want to become a member? Required when paying. Real Madrid's 2018 adult membership fee is 145.49 euros (free after 50 consecutive years of payment), and Barcelona's 2018 adult membership fee is 180 euros. Therefore, the annual membership fee income of the two clubs from members is basically between 10 million and 20 million euros.

But money is not everything, Real Madrid and Barcelona's Socios may be the most difficult qualifications in the world. Both clubs currently have the same rigid rule for new adult members: they must be immediate family members of existing adult members. If you meet this condition, you will enter the Socios shortlist, wait in line. is equivalent to broadening membership to the whole world. Of course, fan token holders cannot, like real Socios, run for the member representative committee or vote for the chairman of the club or even propose themselves to be the chairman. Otherwise, with the voting level of Chinese fans, Select two Chinese presidents for the La Liga duo in minutes. But this does not prevent Chinese fan token holders from adding some Chinese elements to the loudspeakers of the Bernabeu and Camp Nou, and arranging the Divine Comedy of the Square Dance in minutes.

In fact, the origin of modern football is a membership system like Socios. A few friends who love to play football collect some money, even if it is a membership fee, and then everyone votes for a person in charge to form a small team. There are more and more teams, football is gradually industrialized, a lot of money, interests and social resources are invested in it, most membership clubs are gradually replaced by joint-stock clubs, and the ownership of the team has gradually become a major shareholder and a big chaebol. , the presence of fans in the specifics of the club is getting weaker and weaker.

The open, transparent, and immutable features of the blockchain allow the membership system to regain its advantages. It can protect the voting rights of the majority of fans who hold coins and return the team to the fans. In time, it may not be a dream for everyone to be a football manager. . For clubs, combining membership with blockchain can be regarded as an efficient brand promotion plan. In-depth interaction with fans can increase the stickiness of fans and expand the global influence of the team.

In addition to releasing blockchain fan coins, major clubs are also seeking deeper interaction with fans in blockchain football games.

Sorare: an idle football "game"

Compared with ChiliZ, who takes the elite route, Sorare is convinced that "a single spark can start a prairie fire" and has cooperated with 38 football clubs. Most of these clubs come from outside the five major leagues, but there are also giants such as Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Among them, Juventus just joined in February, and Sorare’s official tweet also showed a rare Cristiano Ronaldo card on the same day.

But when I, a 20-year-old fan, entered Sorare with joy, it was hard to admit that it was a game. The player cards in the game are all NFTs, which are divided into three types: unique, super rare and rare according to their rarity. There are five card slots in the game interface, corresponding to the midfielder, forward, defender, goalkeeper and substitute. This is strange. Isn't the starting lineup of a football match 11 people? Am I playing 5-a-side football?

According to the rules, I can choose 5 cards from 15 rare card types as the starting card group. To choose 5 players from a bunch of unknown players, I can only rely on my eyesight. When I gather carefully selected players in Together, when I was going to enjoy a pure football match, I found myself thinking too much. After everyone "showdown", they can go back to their respective families to find their own mothers.

Didn't find it, this is actually a "placement" game. After placing the player card in a specific position into the corresponding card slot, there is no need to do any more operations, we just need to wait for the result of the game. Here comes the point, the so-called game results refer to the personal results achieved by the 5 members of your deck in real games.

The specific assessment indicators include: game duration, goals, assists, shots, passes, saves, steals and many other professional indicators. These indicators are multiplied by the corresponding coefficients and then added together to obtain the player's total score. If the player gets a red card or There will also be corresponding penalties for yellow cards. These data are all scraped from the football data website. A simple example: a striker who plays 80 minutes a game, takes 2 shots on target and completes 5 passes, scores 80 x 0.02 + 2 x 2.00 + 5 x 0.03 = 5.75. If he is sent off in the 81st minute of the game, then the score is 5.75-5=0.75 points, and the sum of the points of the five players will be used as a team score and participate in the weekly league competition.

After reading the rules of the game, I suddenly realized that the selection of players was too random, and the few fresh meat under the income were afraid that they would not even be able to play the game in their respective clubs. After a week, the team points were pitiful. Since novice players get unpopular players from 18-line clubs that they have never heard of, who has the motivation to pay attention to leagues that cannot be seen on the broadcast of these games for a game?

In the talent recruitment column of Sorare's official website, I found that this team from Paris, France, has only three people and is currently recruiting developers and game designers urgently. Seeing this, the old fans sighed, we are still a long way from a blockchain football game that can be played.

Sorare game address:


It is not only football that embraces blockchain. We can also see the shadow of blockchain in sports such as basketball and rugby. In addition to the tokenization of member IDs, some sports organizations have also carried out encrypted collectibles and ticketing on the chain. , cryptocurrency payment and other attempts. If we can find a landing direction with reasonable demand in the huge sports market, it is just around the corner to acquire large-scale users.

The strong purchasing power of sports fans is enough to excite the entire crypto market. Using sports as a medium, allowing more people to complete the transition from sports fans to crypto asset holders will be everyone’s favorite.

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