The future has come, and all walks of life are constantly exploring new technologies different from the past. Topics such as “smart transportation”, “smart home”, “future factory” and “future store” are everywhere.

For the retail industry, the concept of smart store is a collection of new technologies. Electronic price tags, intelligent shopping guides and other equipment are dazzling, but the most basic commodity bar codes are often the most easily ignored by businesses.

With the passage of time, the defects of bar code such as dirt resistance, small data storage, short reading interval and inability to read in batches gradually appear, which brings great inconvenience to the commodity management of stores. All these have laid the market demand for the introduction of RFID electronic tags.

RFID tag has a unique identification code. Its application can not only be simply adhered to the real object, but also be embedded into the product for identification.

The transmission is completed through the antenna between the label and the reader. In this way, the label related information on the goods sold by the store can be easily obtained.

What will happen when RFID technology enters the store

Recently, Meister RFID has customized a set of smart store solutions for customers. Its core is to use RFID technology to count and find goods.

The effective management of store commodities can timely understand the sales status of different types of products and conduct data analysis. At the same time, it can also check and count the quantity of products, so as to facilitate the control of effective inventory, formulate reasonable sales strategies, reduce excess losses and manage errors.

Binding relationship is established during printing and coding,

No cumbersome operation is required

Only a simple excel form is needed to establish a one-to-one binding relationship between the assets to be counted and RFID tags in the process of printing and writing codes through the tag printer, which eliminates the cumbersome binding of one tag and one physical object, and reduces the use cost.

Contactless inventory is more accurate, saying goodbye to time and labor consumption

For the inventory under RFID technology, the data reading during inventory does not need light source, and the effective identification distance is longer. It can even be carried out through the outer packaging. After the online counting documents are established, the established counting documents can be obtained by using the mobile app. At the same time, it supports offline counting and automatically records the counting data, so as to solve the two time-consuming and labor-consuming problems of goods data recording and data summary during counting.

In the face of disorderly goods, RFID is not tired to find goods

RFID goods finding function can quickly find goods in the warehouse, quickly submit goods finding actions, and easily solve the problem of goods finding. Just know the SKU or name of the goods and input it into the app search function. Accurate search can be achieved by adjusting the power. The application of RFID standardizes the process of finding and tallying goods, and the standardized process saves human resources. The reading effect is more guaranteed and the work efficiency is improved.

High efficiency, high accuracy, near zero error rate

RFID intelligent management improves the industry image and social influence of enterprises, combs the processes of enterprises, realizes the optimal allocation of resources, breaks the communication interval between different departments, integrates information flow, and makes everything under effective control.

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