The soaring unemployment rate is the disaster of AI?!

With the development of science and technology, it is a major trend for artificial intelligence to replace high-cost and inefficient artificial labor in all industries. In the future, more and more robots will be active in all walks of life to do repetitive work that is boring and a waste of time.

At present, the traditional telemarketing seems to have been replaced by artificial intelligence, and the telemarketing robot has replaced a large number of traditional salesmen. With the progress of artificial intelligence technology, we will find that the repetitive work that lacks high-intensity competition and wastes time is destined to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Even Li Kaifu said: today’s young people should find jobs that robots can’t replace. Therefore, in the future, artificial intelligence may make some industries disappear. In the face of this situation, where should we go? Xiaobian believes that although we cannot change, as long as we strive to improve our self-worth, we can greatly reduce the possibility of being eliminated by the society. And what technologies will destroy mankind in the future?

Xiaobian boldly guesses that the future of mankind may be destroyed by these technologies: gene editing technology, artificial intelligence technology (AI), unmanned driving… In addition, some technologies are being controversial, such as AI face changing and pseudo sound technology, which have developed rapidly in recent years. These technologies are used by criminals to carry out online fraud, which has attracted more and more questions.

While these technologies are controversial, we also see that more and more responsible Internet enterprises begin to think about using scientific and technological means to do good deeds.

For example, Tencent has launched a series of functional games in the past two years and is no longer addicted to “making children’s money”. It includes Nishan shaman, mortise and tenon, folding fan and ziyue Shiyun in the field of traditional culture, Namu and how electricity is formed in the field of scientific popularization, oncologist in the field of medical and health care, etc.

The story of the game “Nishan shaman” comes from the famous legend of Nishan shaman of Manchu nationality. The whole legend contains a large number of detailed descriptions, reflecting the teachings, rituals, beliefs and other contents of Shamanism at that time. At the same time, it also shows the social life and production customs of Manchu people at that time, and carries forward Chinese traditional culture.

After a round of vulgar video public opinion, Kwai also began to take advantage of the platform to actively participate in the cause of public welfare and poverty alleviation. Help farmers get rid of poverty and become rich through efficient and accurate connection brought by Kwai personalized recommendation and intelligent distribution technology.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to see that neither technology nor algorithm has values and cannot destroy mankind subjectively. Their three views are given by the enterprise team.

No matter Tencent or other enterprises, at present, they have been advocating that science and technology should be used to help others and improve the current situation of mankind.

As Xiaobian learned, Tencent has been vigorously promoting the application of AI Artificial Intelligence in medical treatment and is building an artificial intelligence medical ecological chain of the whole industry. In August 2017, Tencent released the AI + medical imaging product “Tencent looking for images”. The product can assist doctors in screening lung nodules, breast cancer, diabetes retinopathy, early esophageal cancer and other diseases.

How efficient is Tencent’s film Search? Screening an endoscopy takes less than 4 seconds, and the accuracy of early esophageal cancer detection is as high as 90%. As of July 2018, Tencent has assisted doctors to read more than 100 million medical images, served more than one million patients, and prompted 150000 cases of high-risk lesions!

In addition, Tencent also tried to realize AI assisted diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease through video motion capture and analysis technology. The system makes the evaluation of Parkinson’s disease very simple: Parkinson’s patients do not need to wear any sensors, stand in front of the mobile phone camera, complete a series of actions according to the instructions, and complete the patient’s motion video analysis in just three minutes. This is of great significance for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Kwai has also promoted the high-quality specialties in poor areas to the whole country through the platform in collaboration with the popular anchor, thus driving the development of local related industries and helping the revitalization and poverty alleviation of poor villages.

In addition, there are more technologies that benefit mankind in different forms. On May 16 this year, at the China Internet public welfare summit held in Guangzhou, many technology companies such as Tencent, Microsoft, Dajiang, vipkid and 4D tuxin will show you the black technology you have never seen before and how to use “black technology” to help the public welfare. Let’s wait and see “technology for the good”!

Can you guess what kind of black technology will appear at that time? Welcome to discuss and leave messages in the comments area below.

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