At the beginning of this year, several big head platforms seemed to blow the clarion call of “fighting”. Some platforms launched their own public chains and “new regulations” which attracted a lot of attention and ignited the market heat. Therefore, the hot money platform community and users are also eagerly looking forward to the launch of Huobi chain.

Recently, Huobi announced as scheduled the official public test of Huobi chain, which was jointly developed with the nervos foundation. It was only eight months since last year’s first disclosure of the technology partner. It can be seen that the progress is quite smooth. Although among the three major platforms, Huobi chain has the lowest online time, it seems that all parties are quite confident in this “work” of strong alliance. So what is the value of Huobi chain? What long-term value will the future bring to the big ecosystem of fire coin platform?

What value will Huobi chain's official public beta bring to the big ecosystem of Huobi platform

1. Innovative breakthrough and strategic defense of Huobi chain

“The exploration of public chain technology and business model is not only an innovation breakthrough, but also a strategic defense.” Last July, Li Lin, who had published an article on his personal official account, mentioned Huobi Chain’s core strategy.

1. The core strategy of taking precautions

For a long time, behind the seemingly boundless scenery of the centralized platform, it is also facing all kinds of doubts. In this multi gold field, human “greed” is full of running away, self theft, hacker attacks and so on. Too many cases make many moderate investors flinch.

As the world’s leading head platform, fire coin knows that the larger the centralized platform, the greater the responsibility and pressure. At present, many organizations outside the industry have begun to embrace the blockchain, hoping to improve the transparency of the industry and re strengthen the credibility through the blockchain. As a platform in the blockchain industry, it is more familiar with this: This is the only way for the self innovation of the centralized platform.

2. Enabling platform token

Platform coin is actually a strategic move launched by the central platform through its own “blockchain thinking”. Platform coin plays an extremely important role in the operation of various platforms and the development of community and ecology. But at the beginning, platform coin was only used as platform points, which makes many people think that the value capture mechanism of platform coin is relatively weak. By upgrading to public chain ecological token, we can optimize the incentive mechanism, build a prosperous ecology through community distributed cooperation, and further promote the development of platform and the growth of ecology.

What value will Huobi chain's official public beta bring to the big ecosystem of Huobi platform

2. The main features and advantages of Huobi chain, a public chain jointly built by Huobi and nervos

1. High performance and scalability

It seems that high performance has become the standard configuration of the new public chain, but there are few projects that can improve performance while ensuring safety. The key point is the design of consensus mechanism. Huobi chain adopts the overlord consensus, which was opened by nervos in October last year. Compared with pbft (consensus mechanism of neo) and tendermint (consensus mechanism of cosmos), it has made great progress. It is one of the most advanced consensus algorithms with data processing capability of thousands of TPS.

In terms of scalability, it adopts the current mainstream main side chain architecture. In short, the main chain of fire coin chain is guaranteed and responsible for security by many nodes, and deals with major issues. The side chain (anyone can independently develop and deploy) is used to provide various applications and services. A main chain can correspond to a large number of side chains. As time goes on, when the whole Huobi is running smoothly, it will become more and more popular When the chain ecosystem becomes more and more prosperous, the main side chain architecture can still continue to meet the demand.

2. Interoperability

To put it simply, different blockchains (two or more) pass tokens and data to each other, which is the cross chain that has been popular for a whole year last year. The significance of cross chain is obvious, but the difference of Huobi chain is that through the original cross chain module, we can not only realize cross chain between Huobi chain and Neuros CKB public chain, realize the strong combination of the two large public chain ecology, but also enable the side chains to cross the chain directly without the transit of the main chain, which will realize more efficient value exchange and circulation.

3. Next generation smart contract platform

In the implementation of smart contract platform, the key is virtual machine. Huobi chain also follows the instruction set risc-v adopted by the nervos CKB. Here, non-technical personnel do not need to care about and understand what is virtual machine and what is instruction set, but what we can know is that the emerging risc-v is an important technology related to the performance of CPU hardware chip, and it is also a technology with great advantages over the traditional similar technology, which has the advantages of simplification, low power consumption, modularization, scalability and so on And in the development of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence chip advantage is particularly obvious.

In short, this comes from the advantage of hard core on the hardware level. Compared with the software level optimization such as EOS and BTS (using “graphene blockchain components” to improve performance). The two are like: one is to replace the car with a turbocharged engine, the other is to replace the car with a higher grade gasoline. Although both can improve performance, they are not optimized at the same level.

In addition, many people have not noticed that risc-v is recognized as an important solution for China to break through the chip blockade monopoly.

4. Native custom asset support

Like the Neuros CKB, Huobi Chain also supports users to create native token directly (that is, a token can be created by launching a special transaction instead of issuing a token through a smart contract). Compared with ERC contract issuing token, which can lead to zero due to a contract vulnerability, chain is safer, more convenient and more flexible for cross chain operations, and is more suitable for issuing assets. This is Huobi Chain, as a public financial chain, provides users with a great advantage of asset chain.

5. Flexible governance model framework and compliance finance

The market is changing rapidly. In order to cope with the changing environment in the future, Huobi chain adopts an elastic governance model framework. In short, the governance model and economic model of the blockchain are not fixed, but are constantly upgraded and improved while expanding new business according to the needs of future users.

Compliance is the biggest “issue” whether the current trading platform can stably provide services and avoid systemic risks. Huobi chain is perhaps the best one at present. It supports regulatory plug-ins from the bottom, allows relevant institutions to define regulatory logic, and provides reliable infrastructure for traditional finance and related industries to intervene in the field of blockchain.

It can be understood that blockchain develops in most areas, and only compliance can have a future. Moreover, the blockchain itself can improve the transparency of supervision. The introduction of did system (the decentralized identity system initiated by Microsoft) ensures personal privacy, meets the auditable, fair, fair and open supervision, and meets the regulatory requirements of different regions. Legitimate funds are safe to enter the compliant market, so that the whole system will not be damaged by the inflow of black funds.

3. Why choose the cooperation of nervos instead of other public chains such as cosmos?

Huobi chain, as a major project at the core strategic level, must have made a choice after careful consideration. As for why Huobi did not choose the cosmos SDK for secondary development, which has been selected by many platforms, but chose to cooperate with nervos foundation directly?

1. The team has profound technical knowledge

As a matter of fact, as early as in the article that Huoyuan suddenly announced the finalization of the public chain scheme and the first disclosure of the technology partners, we mentioned in detail the technical strength of the nervos team. Whether they are deeply involved in the research and development of the blockchain industry or the implementation of the technology, they are undoubtedly the first technical team in China. I believe these fire coins will be more clear than us, because fire coin itself is the investor of nervos. In fact, fire coin does not invest less in the public chain, but the final choice will be the team with the strongest comprehensive strength such as technology.

2. Deep and flexible customization support

According to Li Lin and Huo coin, it has been revealed that Huobi chain will work hard on compliance to fully support and embrace regulation. Only when we cooperate with the powerful public chain team can we achieve deep and flexible customization. By promoting this kind of in-depth cooperation with nervos, we can not only tailor and build a super barrier suitable for fire coin itself, but also participate in and promote the development of a great public chain ecology with unlimited potential (the great public chain ecology composed of nervos CKB and Huobi chain and more in-depth cross chain interoperability in the future).

To put it simply, just like many people buy standard size clothes, no matter how big the brand is or how excellent the design is, they are always more comfortable and fit with the clothes customized by professional designers. The promotion of the public chain ecology by both fire coin and nervos can get extremely rich returns from the public chain ecology at the same time.

3. Advantages of local team cooperation

Compared with some platforms using other people’s SDKs or cooperating with overseas teams, local teams also have the advantage of barrier free communication and cooperation, tacit cooperation, no time difference and regional culture obstacles, and can achieve more valuable cooperation results efficiently. Moreover, the direction and details of the scheme are highly controllable. Today, blockchain thinking is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the importance of open cooperation is self-evident.

4. Postscript

Li Lin once mentioned that in the next 10 years, blockchain technology can bring about an innovation in the financial system. To build a financial public chain with independent cooperative R & D, in-depth customization and leading technology, which is deeply involved in ecological construction, is of great significance for the next 10 years. Behind the combination of fire money and nervos, a future financial public chain ecological chess has come to the surface.

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