With the development of society, we have more sources of knowledge, and the learning mode has changed greatly in the past 20 years. Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics are important parts of youth education. Steam is not only an interdisciplinary course, but also an educational concept. I believe it is difficult to find a complete set of activities to learn steam. In this era of UAV popularization, there is a great opportunity to improve the learning experience.

What useful knowledge can UAV technology provide for children's education

UAV flight requires precise operation, so it only needs small motor skills and hand eye coordination to practice. Drones are fun and a great source of steam enrichment. What kind of knowledge can it provide for children’s steam education?

1. Aerodynamics

The first step to learn UAV is to learn the flight principle of UAV. The way of propeller rotation changes the way of UAV rotating or moving in three-dimensional space. Operating UAVs requires practice and teaches us an understanding of aerodynamics.

2. Cognitive development and critical thinking

Whether it’s flying outside or indoors. Reacting to changes in flight patterns or environment can improve your child’s cognitive reasoning ability. They will have a better understanding of causality. They will be better able to make quick decisions under pressure.

3. Logical thinking ability

UAV operation seems simple, but in fact, it needs rigorous logical analysis. Not only children, but also adults will find it difficult. Why? This is because it is very difficult for adults and children to transform the logic of brain and three-dimensional space movement if they do not have enough contact with the remote control model. They must strengthen their ability in this aspect through practice.

4. Programming

Once the teenagers can operate the UAV accurately and effectively through the remote control, they can start to deal with more advanced UAV flight forms. They can learn to code and program the UAV, make the UAV fly in a specific mode, and be familiar with the internal electronic equipment that makes the equipment work normally.

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