Servo system is a common tool in automatic production projects. All kinds of manipulators can move flexibly, quickly and accurately without the support of servo system. After all, where the joints of the manipulator can move, the servo motor is moving. Servo motors can be made very small, especially after the integrated servo is developed, they can be integrated into projects with small space, which is convenient to work with existing equipment. So, what should we pay attention to when using the servo motor? Simply put:

1. Ensure that the operation of this product is completed by professional staff. After all, the technical content of this thing is relatively high, and the structure is also relatively precise. If it is operated by non professionals, the equipment may be damaged.

2. Wiring and inspection shall be carried out after 5 minutes after the power supply is cut off. This is to ensure that the motor completely loses the power source and prevent the motor from rotating secretly. Imagine that if the servo is still rotating and you touch it with your hand, the impact force of 3000 revolutions per minute will teach you to be a man every minute.

3. After wiring, strictly check whether the wire sequence is correct, and then connect the power supply after ensuring that it is correct. This is mainly to prevent the equipment from being short circuited and burned due to wrong wiring.

4. Ensure that the DC power supply ground wire is effectively connected. This is to prevent leakage and electric shock and ensure the safety of users.

5. The temperature of the motor is very high during operation. Do not touch the motor with your hands to prevent scalding. There is no need to explain this. It turns thousands of times per minute. It’s strange if it’s not hot.

6. During operation, do not touch the rotating parts with your hands. This is the same as the second rule above. You can’t grasp the servo during rotation.

In order to meet your needs for low-voltage integrated AC servo, we have introduced relevant equipment supporting CANopen communication, covering 200W, 400W, 750W, etc.

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