1. Move the license plate

When you go out, it’s hard to avoid improper parking. Sometimes you can’t find a parking space. When you park temporarily, you’re afraid of being dragged away by the traffic police. It’s not a place to park, blocking other people’s entrances and exits and affecting other vehicles. Put a license plate on the car and write your own contact information. After all, most people won’t use violence if communication can solve things.

2. Tachograph

When driving on the road, safety comes first, but in case of being touched or rubbed, with a dash cam, you can save a lot of arguments, whether it’s insurance claims or confrontation with people.

3. Tire pressure monitor

Most tire bursts are caused by low tire pressure. Ensuring normal tire pressure can greatly reduce the probability of tire burst. In most cases, the tire pressure will change significantly before tire burst unless it is punctured by foreign matters. At this time, the monitor can remind the driver in time to ensure safe driving.

4. Child safety seat

If there are children at home, “child safety seat” is essential. Many countries and regions in the world have issued corresponding laws and regulations. The Shanghai road traffic management regulations, which began to be implemented in Shanghai in March, stipulates that “children under the age of 4 should be equipped with and use child safety seats correctly when taking private cars”.

5. Trailer rope

When the car is on the road, it is inevitable that there will be no failure, so the trailer rope is also necessary for emergency.

6. Fire extinguisher

It’s hot in summer, and the high temperature is unbearable. You often see some news about car exposure and spontaneous combustion. Be aware of fire prevention.

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