As a special “worker” in a smart construction site

Yesterday, Hikvision and Glodon

A results release ceremony was held in Shanghai

Let’s come to Kang Kang

what progress has been made

1 laboratory, born for digital construction The two parties jointly unveiled the joint vision laboratory for digital construction to promote the research and development of exclusive products and technologies. This is an important result of the cooperation between Hikvision and Glodon.

The building construction process is complex and professional, and the application scenarios are also very rich. Continuously improving industry management efficiency through technology is the goal of in-depth cooperation between Glodon and Hikvision.

The digital construction joint vision laboratory unveiled this time will focus on the construction field, and is committed to integrating technologies and products such as intelligent Internet of Things, AI and machine vision into the specific business scenarios of construction to create exclusive intelligent perception products. and AI algorithms to jointly create value for industry users.

Xu Ximing, senior vice president of Hikvision, said that the unveiling of the joint laboratory has created a new sample for the industry’s strong alliance, hoping that the laboratory can become an industry innovation platform. Change continues to share power.

Wang Shaoshan, senior vice president of Glodon, said, “The launch of the joint laboratory has broken the long-standing predicament of low data application value in the construction industry, and solved past data application problems through visual methods, which may affect the development of smart site management. “.

5 strategic co-branded devices officially unveiled

At present, after several months of joint research and development between the two parties, five jointly-branded exclusive sensing devices, including on-site recorders, panoramic cameras, and smart cameras, have officially debuted in the laboratory.

In the past, vision technology mainly used hardware such as cameras for simple image information extraction, while dedicated cameras improved perception and AI capabilities for specific application scenarios. On the construction site, objective information detection, big data statistical analysis and construction management data can be screened and presented through exclusive cameras, so as to build a digital physical building in an all-round way and establish a comprehensive on-site perception capability.

These devices will be used in construction site mobile inspections, panoramic intelligent monitoring and other scenarios to help managers build comprehensive on-site perception capabilities and improve safety and management efficiency.

1 set of joint solutions to create a smart and intensive construction site At the same time, Glodon and Hikvision officially released a new joint solution. The solution has been polished by various parties in the early stage, focusing more on the smart construction site scene, more in line with and more suitable for the construction business process, and will bring effective improvement to the intelligent visual management of the construction site.

The solution fully covers personnel entry and exit management, vehicle entry and exit management, material management, muck truck cleaning management, helmet wearing management, hook visualization, elevator risk monitoring and other functions. , which can build a three-dimensional digital twin of the construction site, create a smart construction site based on machine vision, and finally achieve intensive management through one-stop service.

Since the strategic cooperation between Hikvision and Glodon in October 2020, an all-round cooperation system has been established from joint product research and development, joint program building to joint laboratory construction. A series of work results are technologies in the field of construction and construction. Innovation and digital transformation provide practical solutions and technical support.

With the continuous innovation of technology and the deepening of cooperation, more products and technologies will be launched. In the future, the two parties will continue to innovate, let data create greater value, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the construction industry.

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