Surveillance cameras are usually used for security work in public places, but as people pay more and more attention to the safety of family life, many families begin to choose to install surveillance cameras at home. There is still a certain gap between home surveillance cameras and those used in public security work, especially the installation of home surveillance cameras.

The primary consideration in the installation of household surveillance cameras is the problem of wiring and power supply.

The power supply is the energy source for the surveillance camera to provide monitoring. When installing the household surveillance camera, Poe power supply shall be selected as far as possible. Poe is a network power supply technology with rapid development and wide application in recent years. Poe refers to cat over existing Ethernet 5. Without changing the cabling infrastructure, in addition to transmitting data signals for some IP based terminals (such as ipdian phones, network cameras, etc.), it can also provide DC power for such devices. In this way, the webcam does not need to be powered by other power sources. The centralized use of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment for a period of time (depending on UPS), and also simplify the management. IEEE802. 3af standard is a new standard based on POE of Ethernet power supply system, which requires that the power consumption of equipment powered by Poe shall not exceed 12.95w.

Wiring is a key problem affecting the installation of household surveillance cameras. Unlike factories, shops and other facilities, families should pay attention to beauty in the overall installation. Although the signal of wired surveillance camera is stable, the wiring is not only troublesome, but also destroys the beauty of the overall decoration of the family. At the same time, exposed wires may also become the object of destruction by criminals. Generally, surveillance cameras are installed at home. It is recommended to use surveillance cameras transmitted by wireless network. While installing, keep away from large household appliances and other objects with electromagnetic signals as far as possible to reduce signal interference.

Wiring and power supply are two problems that must be solved in the installation of household surveillance camera. Only by solving these two problems can the household surveillance camera play its great function. Please start with wiring and power supply when installing household surveillance cameras.

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