The new best partner, chat robot and blockchain, helps the enterprise by evaluating whether the conversations between the enterprise’s chat robot and other chat robots are legal, and marking those illegal conversations.

Customer satisfaction is the main focus of every enterprise. Experts, professionals and technology giants are using new technology to improve our daily life. Chat robot is such an application, which aims to make consumers’ life easier and reduce the burden of manual customer service by answering consumers’ questions at any time. Now, chat robot technology has reached the level of interaction with customers, just like human beings. But what about interaction with non-human customers? Companies are increasingly using chat robots to automate repetitive and common internal and cross company conversations. For example, we have seen manufacturers’ chat robots interact with retailers’ chat robots to negotiate product prices; Or the taxi company robot interacts with the restaurant robot to prepare food before you arrive at the restaurant. This kind of chat robot is good for both enterprises and consumers. Therefore, chat robot has become more common and complex in today’s world.

Chat robots and trust issues

When we constantly seek the help and support of the chat robot, we are still afraid of the unknown. What if they say inappropriate words (or dirty words)? What if they start to communicate autonomously (and deepen our fear of reaching the singularity)?

With the emergence of new technologies, hackers have become smarter. Hackers can send invitations to legitimate chat robots to initiate a chat. What happens if the robot accepts the invitation, thinks it is from another legitimate robot and continues to interact? If this happens, legitimate robots may provide their company’s confidential data to fake robots and become victims. This may be a new and undeveloped phishing scenario!

What problems can the combination of robot and blockchain solve

This concern is reasonable. Therefore, enterprises must ensure that their chat robots communicate safely. But how? Introduce blockchain!

Combination of chat robot and blockchain

With its distributed ledger, the blockchain stores the identity and transaction details of all robots. Before a robot starts a dialogue with another robot, the blockchain can verify its authenticity. Only after this verification can the system approve the invitation. With its audit capability, the blockchain ensures that robot based transactions take place between legitimate robots. Therefore, through the blockchain, the company does not need to worry about the impersonation of hackers. Another advantage is that since all robots are registered on the blockchain platform, the robot will have the opportunity to officially identify the robot of another company. This blockchain potential enables companies to monitor and track chat robot based transactions.

In short, BOT to BOT (chat robot and chat robot) communication is becoming more and more popular when companies repeat business operations. However, the risk of data leakage and phishing activities is also increasing, which hinders the company from carrying out business activities with robots. Therefore, in order to ensure legal and secure communication between these robots, the company should adopt this disruptive technology, namely blockchain.

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