In 2020, with the support of 5g acceleration and “new infrastructure”, 5g construction will be carried out on a large scale. With the sinking of mobile network and the vigorous development of 5g applications in various industries, MEC has really ushered in the construction peak.

What opportunities and challenges will MEC face? How does MEC empower vertical industries?

The third phase of the 5g “accelerated run” series Salon of communication world all media – “riding the 5g commercial wave, how mature is MEC?” was launched as scheduled. Experts answered questions online, pointed out the maze, explored the innovative application of MEC scale commercial deployment in 2B and 2c, deeply explored MEC business model, actively promoted the maturity of industrial development and promoted the landing of 5g + MEC industry.

Now let’s “watch” the golden sentences of everyone’s views~

“New machine construction” is a great opportunity for the development of edge computing, which will greatly boost industrial confidence. At present, China has built the world’s largest 5g commercial network. Under the background that SA is about to be commercialized and the vertical industry is ushering in great development, China Mobile timely launched 5g “excellent and exclusive” industry network and BAF multi-dimensional new business model to provide customized, hierarchical and diversified service models, and edge computing is an important part of its ability. In the future, China Mobile will continue to promote the “5g +” plan with edge computing as the core competence, and jointly promote the ecological development of edge computing from the four aspects of production, learning, research and application—— Liu Jinglei, director researcher and technical manager of China Mobile Research Institute

5g connectivity is the key to building ubiquitous edge computing, and enhanced heterogeneous computing is an important ability for MEC to support thousands of lines and industries. Open ecology is an effective way to realize MEC’s business value. Therefore, connection + computing + ecology enables 5g MEC to perform thousands of tasks—— Yin Dongming, chief marketing expert of Huawei cloud core network 5g core network

What opportunities and challenges will MEC face in the 5g era?

Taking MEC edge cloud as the anchor point, China Unicom has built a five digit collaborative system of “cloud network edge and end industry” to enable 5g digital transformation. At present, it has built nearly 100 commercial projects in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, incubated innovative products, explored business models, and jointly built MEC edge ecology with the industrial chain—— Chen Dan, senior director of edge computing of China Unicom Group

The deployment location of MEC edge cloud needs to be comprehensively considered in terms of business requirements, delay requirements, environmental requirements, cost, operation and maintenance, etc. In the initial stage, the centralized deployment is mainly based on the park or aggregation machine room. Later, with the development of business, the improvement of conditions and the decline of comprehensive cost, the nodes of MEC edge cloud deployment are close to the user side and the business generation side step by step, so as to achieve the maximum effect of MEC edge computing—— Qi Xiaohong, director of ZTE wireless solutions

Although the 5g SA network supports edge computing natively, it can basically meet the requirements of MEC business scenarios in the early stage of commercial use. However, 5g + MEC is not only a technology or a platform, but also a system engineering. To promote the development of 5g + MEC, it is necessary to understand the needs of the vertical industry, support diversified application scenarios, enrich 5g terminal forms, and promote cloud network integration and cloud edge collaboration. This requires multi-party cooperation in the industrial chain to promote the mature development of the industry—— Lin Yilin, 5g R & D center, China Telecom Research Institute

Different from any previous technological change, edge computing under the 5g background is taking a development route of two wheel drive and mutual promotion of it and CT. Global enterprises hope to achieve rapid implementation and innovation through the international common language of open source, but there are many cumbersome problems and security risks. Red hat’s mission is to help enterprises simplify and undertake the most cumbersome parts of open source, such as the introduction of AI, security, data storage and it automation, so as to promote the healthy development of open source ecology.——Zhao Xiyi, senior solution architect of red hat

Inspur has been deeply engaged in various industries for a long time, and has unique integration advantages in the process of comprehensive digital transformation of 5g driven industries. New 5g, new CT, Inspur will be a new generation of cloud network integration 5g product provider, support industrial development with an open architecture and drive the comprehensive digital transformation of the industry—— Wu Shuai, general manager of CNET division of Inspur Software Group

There is a famous “prisoner’s dilemma” in the field of game theory, and there are also dilemmas in edge computing: is edge computing based on near edge or 5g mec (far edge), whether it follows 3GPP standard or ETSI standard, whether it belongs to CT technology or it technology, and is edge computing necessarily containerized? The decision-making of the dilemma will affect the final result, and so will the edge computing—— Li Kai, co-founder and vice president of Kyushu cloud

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