What operating system is UNIX

UNIX system is a time-sharing operating system. The first UNIX system came out in 1970. Previously, there was only an operating system for batch jobs, which was too slow for users who needed an immediate response. In the late 1960s, both Kenneth Thompson and Dennis Ritchie participated in the design of interactive time-sharing system MULTICS, which was developed by CTSS. These two systems have had a significant impact in the development of the operating system. On this basis, in the process of refining and developing the existing technology at that time, K. Thompson developed UNIX system on small computer in 1969, and then put it into operation in 1970.

UNIX can be used not only as a network operating system, but also as a stand-alone operating system. UNIX has been widely used as a development platform and desktop operating system. At present, it is mainly used in engineering applications and scientific computing.

How to install UNIX operating system

We have a lot of technicians to operate the installation of different systems in the computer. There are small partners who want to install Linux in the virtual machine. How can this be realized? Linux can be used to build a network server. The problem of building a UNIX operating system needs established skills. For small partners who don’t know how to operate, I will come to talk with you today Share the details of installing UNIX operating system on virtual machine.

The specific method and detailed steps are as follows;

1. If you want to build a Linux virtual machine in win7, you must first prepare the virtual machine and the image file of the Linux system, and then run the virtual machine;

2. After entering the virtual machine, click “create a new virtual machine” or click “file – new virtual machine” in the upper left corner;

  What operating system is UNIX_ How to install UNIX operating system

3. After opening the new virtual machine wizard, select typical and click next;

4. After coming to this interface, we select the installation source, select the second item “installation program CD image file (ISO)”, click “Browse”, then find the image file prepared in advance, and click “next”;

  What operating system is UNIX_ How to install UNIX operating system

5. After that, you need to set the installation information. Please fill in the information according to the prompts and click “next” after setting;

6. Next, we need to name and install the virtual machine. After setting, click “next”;

  What operating system is UNIX_ How to install UNIX operating system

7. Then, to specify the disk size, you can set it according to the recommended size of the virtual machine. After setting, click next;

8. After that, the installation is finally started. Click “cancel update” here;

9. Then there was a long wait;

10. After the installation is successful, the system will enter the login interface and enter the password just set to login.

The above is about the different computer systems to find you for direct virtual machine installation of Linux when the method, if you also want to learn this convenient technology, you can try this tutorial to explain the installation of UNIX operating system.

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