According to the current market value, Ethereum is a network worth nearly 25 billion US dollars. So, from the data point of view, what is the level of Ethereum ecology? In general, Ethereum is far from entering the mainstream, but because of its breakthrough in open finance and games, as well as the active participation of thousands of developers, it brings people rich imagination of the future. This article is from consensys, translated by “JT” of “blue fox notes” community.

February is another milestone for the Ethereum community, from the 1 million metamask users in the Google Chrome online store to the $1 billion value locked in the defi protocol, to the number of mentions of Ethereum in the Forbes “top 50 blockchain”.

Ethereum ecosystem is not only promoting the adoption of defi, but also promoting the emergence of some frameworks to measure the risk of defi platform. As more and more enterprises strive to implement their blockchain proof of concept into products, business functions such as licensing and key management become simpler and simpler with hyperledger besu and its latest 1.4 upgrade.

All along, the developer community has been doing what it is best at: mobilizing in real life and online to build composable software stacks to unlock various industries such as games and asset markets. Over 2000 developers gathered in Denver over the weekend of Valentine’s day in February to participate in ethglobal 2020, which seems to be another important year for Web3.


·Global node of Ethereum main network: 7083

·Number of unique addresses of Ethereum: over 88.8 million

·Smart contract created in February: 825895

·Successful smart contract requests in February: over 41 million


·Total dapps: 2773

·DAPP: 21730

·DAPP contract transactions in the past 24 hours: 73890

·Ethereum DAPP: 21 released in February

·Dai pool for 16 players fighting in skyweaver: 1000 Dai


·Metamask users in Google Chrome online store: over 1 million

·Truffle suite lifetime downloads: over 3 million

·Number of GitHub events generated by gnosis team in the past 30 days: 6526

·Total market value of gitcoin: over $3.5 million

·The possibility of skale chain tps:2 ,000

·The number of participants of the third annual ethdever conference: more than 2000

·Infura’s request response time compared with self hosting solution: 20 times

·Goal of the number of Ethereum ecological developers: 1 million


·Codefi data scored Dai on Oasis: 9.7

·Compound24 hours: 2.6 million US dollars

·Dai mined in February: 3.6 million

·Dai’s total owner: 183714

·Total rewards distributed through pool together, a lossless storage game: US $12542

·The total value of the two weeks in February locked up in defi: one billion dollars

What new data does Ethereum have

Use cases

·People receiving blockchain based air raid warning system: 2.1 million

·HK $tracked and allocated through luxarity platform (for charitable donations): 196017

·Reduced time to issue digital L / C on blockchain based trade financing platform: 99.58%

·Market size of municipal bonds benefiting from blockchain based issuance and coordination: US $3.8 trillion

·The number of times Ethereum was mentioned in Forbes “top 50 blockchains”: 32


·Funds to be pledged by eth verifier in eth 2.0: 32eth

·Slot length on beacon chain: 12 seconds

·The verifier’s extractable period subtracted in eth2.0: 36 days

·The probability of an attacker controlling the eth2.0 verifier Committee: one in a trillion

What new data does Ethereum have

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