1. PC VR

This kind of VR needs computers, such as htcvive, oculus. It is the best at present. It belongs to professional glasses. The user experience is very good, but the price is also very beautiful. In addition to the price of glasses 6888, it also needs a 970 plus graphics card (powerful computing depends on the support of e79fa5e98193e58685e5aeb9313333653165), 20000 yuan. In the experience of some mobile games will be bound by the data line, PC VR may be widely used in places such as amusement parks in the future. This kind of VR is very cool to play games, but the video effect is similar to that of all-in-one VR and mobile VR.

2. All in one VR

The all-in-one VR has independent CPU, input and output display functions. It completely gets rid of the computer, transmission line and other obstacles. Its price ranges from 1000 to 3000. Some friends should say that it is really good VR. But in 2016, the market share of all-in-one VR was less than 2% (mobile VR is the most, followed by PC VR). Why? To put it simply, all-in-one machine is nothing more than that VR manufacturers make a mobile phone screen into VR glasses. If your mobile phone resolution is not low (resolution 1080p or above), put your mobile phone into the mobile phone VR, the effect is basically the same (how to achieve it will be mentioned later). If your mobile phone pixel is higher, Congratulations, finish all-in-one machine. Think about this: 3000 yuan all-in-one embedded mobile phone, will be more advanced than your mobile phone?

3. Mobile head display

Also known as mobile VR, you can watch it when you put it in your mobile phone. Such as cobravr (blue light), smacvr (green light), storm mirror and so on, which is equivalent to the upgraded version of Google VR, the price ranges from dozens to hundreds.

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