When it comes to Baidu AI, most people will think of the magical “face brushing” payment, automatic driving, small speaker with price close to the people, etc. However, in the deeper and more technical scientific research field, baidu is more like a “Chinese academic bully”, active on the international stage.

A quarter of the year 2020 has passed. While fighting the global epidemic and AI epidemic, many top international AI conferences have been held one after another, with the participation of AI practitioners, universities and enterprises from all over the world. As a representative enterprise of Chinese AI, Baidu has shown its scientific research strength to compete with the world contestants and won the first place for many times.

Natural language processing is known as the “pearl on the crown of artificial intelligence”. Baidu has been working in this field for many years and has great strength in the world. In the recent semeval2020 competition, baidu won five World Championships in one fell swoop, which attracted the attention of the industry. Semeval2020, sponsored by the International Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), is the world’s largest authoritative semantic evaluation competition with the largest number of participants. In this competition, the semantic understanding framework Ernie developed by Baidu based on the flying oar platform “crushed” other contestants in various indicators, leading the second place with a high score.

Earlier, in February this year, AAAI 2020 was officially released. Among the nearly 9000 papers submitted by strong competitors such as Stanford, Harvard and Google, 28 papers from Baidu were selected, and many of them were also selected as oral for display, setting a new record in the number of papers selected by Baidu.

AAAI is a “big test” in the field of artificial intelligence. The history of this academic conference can be traced back to the early stage of the development of artificial intelligence. It covers a wide range of fields and the selection criteria are quite strict. Under the influence of the epidemic, AAAI 2020 is even more difficult. Four fifths of the papers have been eliminated. Under such strict selection, baidu still has 28 papers selected. The fields involved are still the fire fields of “piling up” contributions such as machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision!

Compared with the development history of artificial intelligence, China’s artificial intelligence industry started late, but made rapid progress. In just one year, baidu was promoted from 15 papers to 28 papers. Baidu’s 28 papers were selected, which also effectively increased the paper admission rate of “this session of Chinese players”, so that the academic performance of Chinese AI is not poor in Europe and America.

In the field of computer vision, baidu is also in the “top” position of international academia. In March, CVPR 2020, known as the “Oscar” in this field, announced the results of papers included, and another 22 papers were selected by Baidu. The selected papers fully covered the field of vision, and were invited to participate in seminars jointly sponsored by Sydney University of science and technology, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units to have in-depth exchanges with more top scholars.

CVPR is one of the most valuable academic conferences in the visual field. Its severity can be seen from the successive decline in acceptance rate. In recent years, the number of papers submitted by CVPR has continued to rise sharply, but the acceptance rate has been “two consecutive declines”. The “bid winning rate” of this CPVR is only 22%, which can be regarded as the most difficult one to be selected in the past decade. Baidu can resist such strict selection criteria, but the number of accepted papers increases instead of decreasing, from 17 in 2019 to 22. It is really “true Kung Fu” to go against the trend.

Baidu AI continues to make efforts. At the same time, the growth rate of Intelligent Cloud “leopard change” is obvious to all. Not long ago, baidu Intelligent Cloud Tiangong Internet of things platform was rated as the top three in the industry by IDC, an American research institution. In its report IDC marketscape: 2019 manufacturer evaluation of China’s public cloud Internet of things platform, it affirmed Baidu cloud’s leading position in the two dimensions of capability and strategy, and ranked in the leader quadrant as a whole.

What kind of test does al AI face

Baidu has been in the field of AI layout for many years. Up to now, it has invested “wholeheartedly”. From Baidu’s performance in the international academic community, the investment returns over the years are quite good. It shows the “Chinese academic bully” type of rolling in scientific research ability, stands on the international stage on behalf of Chinese AI, speaks with technical achievements, and improves the international influence of Chinese AI in the academic community. At the same time, baidu also has strong “hands-on ability”, pouring core AI technology into practice, boosting the rapid implementation of relevant products in various fields, and creating a prosperous AI ecosystem with more interested people.

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