When Intel released the sixth generation core series processor last year, it released an H110 chipset. However, it seems that everyone has not paid much attention to this chipset. Some netizens doubt how this chipset is and what kind of situation it is suitable for? Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction.

According to the past practice, Intel H-series chipsets have a relatively low positioning, mainly for OEM manufacturers or entry-level users with less expansion demand. The same is true for H110. The positioning is lower than B150. Of course, the price will be cheaper. In short, if you don’t need to play games, just to see movies and browse the web, you can choose this product. Although its performance is weak, it can meet your simple needs. If you play games, you don’t need to think about it. You can directly choose medium and high-end chipsets.

What kind of situation is Intel's H110 embedded motherboard suitable for

Looking at the detailed parameters officially given by Intel, we can see that the bus frequency of H110 still uses the previous generation standard of DMI2 and 5gt / s, and provides embedded solutions, that is, SoC design. Each memory channel can only support one memory slot (DIMM). The PCI-E interface (non-native PCI-E interface) extended through the chipset adopts the 2.0 standard and the maximum X6 bandwidth. The maximum number of native USB ports is 10, the maximum number of USB 3.0 ports is 4, and the maximum number of USB 2.0 ports is 10; There are 4 sata3 interfaces at most.

What kind of situation is Intel's H110 embedded motherboard suitable for

H110 also does not support technologies such as overclocking and SLI, which is only suitable for entry-level players.

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