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First, rule out the wrong answer D. When 5g was promoted in an all-round way, 2G and 3G networks were gradually withdrawn. Even the elderly computers and children’s watches had been armed with 4G networks, and the 2G / 3G era was almost completely over.

So it becomes a classic multiple choice question. I think 4G users occupy the vast majority of the positions in this survey. Even if some 4G base stations are converted into 5g base stations, it can not stop the huge number of 4G users. Don’t forget that even noble 5g users, 4G is still the main force of their use without 5g network coverage.

If your answer is a or B, congratulations that you are ahead of most users. Especially with the hot sale of iPhone 12 series, the number of 5g users is expected to rise rapidly in 2020q4. Especially with the further development of SA network, what kind of experience can sa5g bring us?

The old story of nsa5g and sa5g

Many new users of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, or 5g new users, are very unfamiliar with the “independent 5g” option in the mobile network switch? How to drive?

Will it have a critical impact on the battery life of the original playful iPhone 12 series? Who knows, I didn’t use it.

5g has two networking modes, one is non standalone (NSA), the other is standalone (SA). There are great differences between these two 5g deployment modes. Here is a brief introduction:

Independent Networking (SA) refers to the new 5g network, including new base station, backhaul link and core network, which is the real sense of “5g”; non independent Networking (NSA) refers to the deployment of 5g network using the existing 4G infrastructure. 5g carrier based on NSA architecture only carries user data, and its control signaling is still transmitted through 4G network.

What kind of experience can SA 5g network bring us?

Now that SA has such a big advantage over NSA, wouldn’t it be better to choose SA networking directly?

Not really. Although SA is the real 5g, in fact, the formal formulation of SA standard has only been completed for more than a year, and it is not fully mature. Moreover, building an independent 5g base station from scratch requires a lot of money, and it takes a longer time to achieve basic coverage.

NSA can rapidly expand 5g coverage with the help of the mature 4G network in a short time. At present, this is the 5g business model adopted by most European and developed countries. NSA model also makes more consumers taste 5g network in advance.

Therefore, this is also the reason why multinational operators, including Chinese operators, give priority to NSA at the initial stage (but eventually turn to SA). 4G, nsa5g or sa5g will coexist for a long time.

What kind of experience can SA 5g network bring us?

Today, our so-called 5g mobile phones that support SA and NSA dual-mode 5g are still connected to nsa5g network most of the time, otherwise there would not be this article today. So last year, those who made rumors and spread rumors that nsa5g network was not connected to the Internet, wash and sleep.

To open sa5g network is not simple

After talking about the differences between nsa5g and sa5g and the advantages of sa5g, every new 5g driver of Apple’s iPhone 12 series (and other handheld dual-mode 5g Android phones) is eager to try. However, reality will always give you a loud slap in the face.

China Mobile

Among the three major operators, China Mobile has continued its advantages in 4G network, and has also maintained its superiority in Big Mac after entering 5g era.

According to the latest data, China Mobile has built the world’s largest 5g network and opened more than 385000 5g base stations (NSA and SA).

In terms of the method of opening, China Mobile is also the friendliest of the three major operators at present: by default, users open the sa5g service. As long as there is a sa5g base station near the location and the mobile phone supports sa5g, they have the opportunity to enjoy the extremely advanced sa5g network.

However, 10086 customer service’s cognition of sa5g business is in a half bucket state. When calling 10086 customer service for consultation, there are often denial answers such as no such business.

China Telecom

When it comes to China Telecom, we have to mention the whole family business of China Telecom: home broadband + digital high-definition set-top box + 5g mobile card. One operator can provide all the equipment in your home with all inclusive services.

According to the latest data, China Telecom has commercialized sa5g in 300 + cities across the country, opening more than 320000 5g base stations (including some of the base stations established in cooperation with China Unicom).

It is worth mentioning that China Telecom is also one of the three major operators that makes great efforts to promote sa5g. At the 12th Tianyi intelligent ecological industry summit forum held from November 7 to 8, China Telecom announced that “the world’s largest 5gsa network has been put into commercial use”.

However, China Telecom’s sa5g opening method is not as humanized as China Mobile.

Although China Telecom customer service has done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage, there is no unprofessional and ambiguous situation when consulting and opening the sa5g industry, but China Telecom’s sa5g industry must go to the telecom business hall designated by China Telecom for handling.

Take Guangzhou as an example. Up to now, only Zhongshan No.2 business hall of Yuexiu District (the first floor of attached building, No.18 Zhongshan No.2 Road, Yuexiu District) provides sa5g service. Users must go to the business hall with valid ID cards.

China Unicom

Compared with the rich and willful China Mobile and self-confident China Telecom, China Unicom, which has won many users with the help of ultra-low charges in the post 4G era, is also expected to enter the 5g era.

According to the latest data, as of the end of October, China Unicom has opened 330000 5g base stations; however, in terms of sa5g, China Unicom has not disclosed the relevant data and construction.

According to the information learned from Weibo, Shenzhen Unicom can successfully open the sa5g service in Guangdong Province.

Considering that China Unicom and China Telecom have reached a cooperation of CO building and sharing 5g network, we believe that the network quality will be better and better in the future.

Is this sa5g cool?

After solving the hardware problem (handheld dual-mode 5g mobile phone supporting sa5g) and the software problem (opening sa5g service), let me try the practical experience of this legendary sa5g network.

In addition, it should be pointed out that the positions of different brands of sa5g switches are not the same.

Some brands have put a separate sa5g switch in the SIM card network settings through the system update, while some brands still hide this switch in the developer options (it is expected that the system update will solve this problem in the future).

Therefore, if users of different brands want to use sa5g, they have to explore it by themselves.

Since mobile sa5g is enabled by default, I really can’t find a reason not to choose it.

It is worth mentioning that my mobile card uses the 8 yuan package (commonly known as the security number package). Theoretically, even if I can use 5g network for free, the speed is only within 300mbps.

Although the 8 yuan package comes with only 100 m traffic, before that, in order to “save” me, China Mobile sent 10 g traffic, so it just cleared the way for this sa5g network test.

I casually took a dual-mode 5g mobile phone with surname I, turned on the sa5g switch, and then turned on Speedtest, the most downloaded and used software in the 5g era, for speed measurement.

Daily 5g signal resolution tips: check the SIM card status in the settings, if the “network type” column only shows a “NR”, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the legendary advanced sa5g network.

For comparison, if “LTE; NR” is displayed, it indicates that nsa5g network is connected. Of course, some brands will tell you whether you are connected to sa or nsa5g network.

Back to the topic, my test site is near our company and Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. In order to verify whether the data is wrong, I ran several tests, and the results were similar, so I selected this group of comparative data to show you.

What kind of experience can SA 5g network bring us?

Sa5g on the left and nsa5g on the right

Up to now, I still don’t know why my 8 yuan insurance number package can run at a speed close to 500mbps. The only reasonable explanation may be that my number’s Internet age is six years and six months, and then Mobile has secretly increased the 5g rate limit of white whoring for old users.

From the above set of comparative data, of course, it is not the downlink rate that deserves attention, but the uplink rate and jitter time, because these are the so-called most advanced features of sa5g: higher uplink rate and lower network delay. Obviously, sa5g can achieve nearly three digit upload speed and single digit jitter time, which has greater advantages than nsa5g.

However, the delay gap between SA and nsa5g is not strong in our daily use. The difference reflected in the game may be from 80-100ms to 70-90ms (for example). After all, the game is more concerned with the delay from the user network to the game server than the delay from the mobile network to the base station. Higher upload speed is a challenge for the video industry No small gospel.

As for the distribution of sa5g base stations, the government has not yet given an accurate query method (in other words, it will not specifically indicate which sa5g base stations are), that is, it is up to the user to open the blind box.

Users holding dual-mode 5g mobile phones may as well follow the method described above to see if their mobile phones are connected to the sa5g network. If you’re not bored, you can even take some time to measure the speed.

Here, it is also recommended that small partners holding 5g mobile phones turn on and turn off the 5g function to measure the speed. Maybe they can enjoy the extremely advanced 500mbps.

It’s better to spend the money of 4G package to enjoy 5g speed than shouting “5g is useless”, “5g package is too expensive” all day and using the 4G network which has been secretly slowed down.

5g, a long way to go

After wits and Braves, we can’t help thinking: what’s the future of 5g life like?

After the launch of sa5g network, millimeter wave 5g, which was caught by netizens before, will be gradually spread out in China.

As a global leader in 5g network construction, China is drawing a wonderful blueprint for the future of 5g in terms of policy, operators and mobile phone manufacturers.

5g in the future, there will be more refined 5g classification, so that 5g can meet the needs of more and more consumers.

With the popularity of sa5g network, 5g slicing technology will push 5g to a new height: operators will refine 5g packages and make them more targeted. For example, automatic driving means low delay and high reliability;

Industrial control has no requirement for speed, what’s more, it needs high reliability and very low delay network transmission; there are also some video monitoring applications that have high requirements for uplink speed.

With the emergence of 5g slicing technology, operators further optimize the 5g network services that operators can provide and design the most targeted 5g services according to the different needs of different users and different scenarios.

However, all ordinary users like me can see the picture pie almost as well, and are still waiting for the real 5g “killer” application.

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