For the touch screen, we all often see it. For example, our current mobile phone screen is a touch screen, and the number calling machine of the bank is also a touch screen. What is the industrial touch screen? You can think that industrial touch screen is only a detailed classification of touch screen. Touch screen is divided into industrial touch screen and general touch screen.

Universal touch screen universal touch screen is something we can often see. Bank call machines or ATMs now have touch screens, as well as self-service registration machines in hospitals, etc. these belong to universal touch screens, and most of their use environments are ordinary environments.

Industrial touch screen the biggest difference between industrial touch screen and general touch screen is that it is used in industrial environment. Environmental factors are complex, such as high or low temperature, vibration, dust, etc. in factories, which will have a great impact on the performance of touch screen. Therefore, touch screen used in special environment should use products with high performance and good protection, This is our commonly used industrial touch screen.

What kind of existence is industrial touch screen

Let’s first understand the industrial touch screen, which is the carrier of human-computer interaction interface used in special environment. Generally, we call the industrial touch screen HMI (human machine interface). It is the medium for information interaction between the system and users, and it converts information into a form acceptable to human beings.

In fact, touch screens are mainly divided into two categories: one is the touch screen of embedded windows system, and the other is the integrated touch screen of embedded manufacturers.

The touch screen embedded in the windows system is actually a computer. The computer mouse and keyboard are cancelled, and the screen is made into the form of touch. This touch screen is embedded in the windows system. It can also install various software like other computers. In fact, the mouse and keyboard are concentrated on the screen. If this touch screen wants to do industrial monitoring, monitor relevant parameters of equipment and display process engineering, it needs to install configuration software. This configuration software is the same as other software we usually install on the computer. Install the software into the system. We can choose to automatically start this configuration software when the system starts up. Specific functions, To set up in software and computer.

The manufacturer integrates the touch screen. This touch screen is independently developed by the manufacturer and is not embedded into the windows system. It directly integrates the configuration software with the touch screen. This touch screen is a common equipment for industrial control. It is generally smaller and more stable, because the touch screen system is actually this software, rather than installing another software based on the windows system, Therefore, it is more stable. For programming, we need to use the manufacturer’s special programming software for operation. All major manufacturers have their own programming software.

For industrial touch screens, there are many manufacturers now. Whether domestic or foreign, generally industrial manufacturers will have their own touch screens. Manufacturers are divided into two categories: one is the configuration software that needs to be installed under Windows system, and the other is the integrated touch screen. The touch screen is a human-computer interaction tool we use. When selecting, we should select the corresponding equipment according to the site environment, Party A’s requirements and the situation of the project. The purpose is the same, but we should select the appropriate equipment according to the specific situation.

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