Network interface refers to various interfaces of network equipment. In network transmission, RJ45 interface, BNC interface, SC optical fiber interface, FDDI interface, AUI interface, etc.

The cable used for network transmission generally refers to network cable (twisted pair), monitoring video cable (coaxial cable) and optical fiber. When the cable is connected to the equipment, it is necessary to connect the connector to the interface of the corresponding network equipment for signal transmission.

RJ45 interface is a very common interface in network transmission, that is, network crystal head. It uses 8-Position (8-pin) modular jack or plug defined by international connector standard. The crystal heads are divided into super five types and six types. Although the specifications and appearance of the two types of crystal heads are the same, they are not universal. The copper core of the six types of network cable is relatively large, and the internal sockets are arranged in two columns. It is mainly used for connecting network cable (twisted pair).

BNC interface is the interface of monitoring line (coaxial cable). BNC interface is used for 75 ohm coaxial cable connection, providing RX and TX channels, which is used for unbalanced signal connection;

There are many types of optical fiber interface, such as SC, St, LC, FC and so on. SC optical fiber interface is mainly used in office network switching environment. It is provided on some high-performance Gigabit switches and routers. It looks very similar to RJ-45 interface, but SC interface is more flat

FDDI interface is commonly used in metropolitan area network, campus backbone network and multi building network distribution environment. FDDI interface is more common in network backbone switches. Now with the popularity of Gigabit, some high-end Gigabit switches also begin to use this interface.

AUI interface is specially used to connect thick coaxial cable. In the early network card, such interface was connected with hub and switch to form a network, but now it is generally not used.

Now the interfaces used in network transmission are generally RJ45 interface, BNC interface, optical fiber interface, etc.

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