With the deepening understanding of video surveillance, users have long been dissatisfied with the existing functions of video surveillance. At the same time, the needs of different user groups also began to differentiate, resulting in the diversified development of video surveillance schemes.

User demand differentiation

The differentiation of user demand is affected by many factors. Yang of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that due to the different economic level and management complexity in different regions, it will directly have a great impact on the video monitoring deployment in the region, and then have an impact on the technical level and function of the adopted video monitoring system. At the same time, the current video surveillance application is expanding to various industries: in the traditional security fields such as finance, transportation and government, the application is relatively perfect; Emerging fields such as education, mining, agriculture and industrial production grew rapidly. Due to differences in production environment, workflow and management requirements in different industries, there are differences in various technical indicators such as video monitoring system solutions, image definition and storage, which are directly reflected in the requirements for various video monitoring hardware equipment. With the continuous improvement of information level in different fields, video surveillance began to transform from an independent system to a function in an information system, which puts forward different requirements for the structure of video surveillance software.

What kind of competition has video surveillance entered

For service providers, the differentiation of needs makes service providers not only provide users with basic monitoring capabilities, but also need to tailor professional services or products according to users’ environmental characteristics. Users not only need to see information, but also need to integrate the collected video, audio, text and other information into the information management platform through the system, and provide different information according to the work needs of different links.

“In the future, video surveillance should gradually establish new standards with customer needs as the core, and effectively meet customer needs through the linkage of information collection and management requirements according to the characteristics of different industries.” Yang Kun said.

Shift to service sales

The development of differentiated video monitoring schemes has become an industry trend, but on the other hand, the scheme development independently completed for different users and different links is bound to increase the capital and time cost, which makes it inevitable to realize the standardization of video monitoring modules. Yang Kun introduced that this includes the standardization of main module functions and interfaces, the standardization of management and communication protocols, and the standardization of core functions such as statistics and analysis.

With the diversified development of video surveillance schemes, video surveillance will be more and more combined with industry informatization. However, due to its complexity, Yang Kun believes that separate product sales can no longer meet the in-depth needs of large customers for video surveillance. In the research on this issue, Apple has successfully transformed from a company dominated by product sales to a business model dominated by service sales, which puts forward a reference for video surveillance service providers, that is, to service sales.

Now, in addition to providing equipment sales, service providers can also provide engineering services such as installation, integration, commissioning and maintenance; Focus on user needs and provide users with one-way and transparent operation services on the premise of ensuring user safety; Establish professional contact channels between multiple industries or enterprises with the support platform as the link; On the basis of basic operation services, more value-added services such as directional publishing, information analysis and information aggregation are provided according to users’ needs.

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