Recently, discussions on LED industry standards have been rising one after another, so China’s LED industry bases have issued “their own industry standards” to add a layer of excitement on top of the excitement. So people in the industry questioned that it is terrible to have no industry standards, and wouldn’t it be more terrible to have multiple industry standards at the same time?

Local industry standards can’t meet the taste of the national LED industry. At least why should others use your standards?

Local industry standards stifle the vitality of the existing LED market:

1、 The regionality of local standards. The standards are more or less local, which can not meet the needs of industry development nationwide or even globally, which restricts the competitiveness of foreign enterprises to enter the local market and is easy to cause local protectionism;

2、 The scientificity of local standards. Restricted by the development level of technology and local industries, the gold content and exploitability of the proposed standards can not match the rapid development, which is easy to cause constraints on technological development;

What issues need to be considered in the formulation of LED industry standards?

3、 The industry standards formulated by enterprises are unreliable. At present, many local LED industry standards are formulated by enterprises spontaneously. Some enterprises are difficult to meet the production standards. What are the industry standards formulated by such enterprises?

Ledinside believes that although an open LED industry standard is also conducive to the development of the industry, if it cannot rise to the national level, the authority and scientificity of the standard are difficult to ensure, because the standard itself is mandatory and there is no objective and fair platform, which is easy to damage the development of the industry.

The introduction of real industry standards is imminent:

Recently, there have been frequent accidents caused by LED products. Recently, a fire accident caused by outdoor LED display screen occurred in a hotel in Hong Kong. Today, the LED display screen may cause an accident, and tomorrow, the LED lighting may cause an accident. Without industry standards, what can we do to ensure the safety of consumers’ lives and property? Who is responsible for the safety of consumers’ lives and property?

The absence of relevant industry labels is not conducive to the healthy development of enterprises. R & D is a required course for LED manufacturing enterprises, but there is no relevant industry standard. What will guide the R & D of enterprises? Enterprises will also grope blankly in R & D. is it unknown whether the final output will adapt to the market?

Industry labeling can quell the price war in the LED market to a certain extent. With industry standards to spur enterprise R & D and product quality control, the LED market will not appear the same products and the price difference is mysterious. Small workshop enterprises without strength can no longer blindly pursue price and profit and confuse the market.

Issues to be considered for LED industry standards:

1、 That is, the formulation of standards must be based on the needs of the overall development of the LED industry, and it is the needs of the benign development of marketization;

2、 Meet the needs of enterprise and market development. There are many led enterprises in China, but their sizes are uneven, and the development needs of most enterprises should be fully considered in the formulation of standards. And it should be especially suitable for those enterprises that really do a good job in products and adhere to technology and quality! Standards should encourage enterprises to devote themselves to product R & D, technology improvement and brand establishment, which are also conducive to the needs of the long-term development of the whole industry;

3、 As for standards, it is not a matter of agreement, nor is it a matter for individual enterprises to close down, nor is it a matter for government departments to pat their heads. For the formulation of industry standards, trade associations should be established first, and trade associations should be jointly elected by all registered enterprises. Then discuss with relevant organizations such as academic research institutions to study the systems and specifications conducive to the long-term development of the LED industry. On this basis, develop a complete set of first draft industry standards, and then try them out on a small scale, adjust them in the trial process, and launch them carefully when the feasibility is high, accompanied by filing measures such as adjustment scheme and error correction scheme. In order to truly bring a good growth environment to the LED industry, we should also support the election supervision organization and introduce a set of institutions and systems related to supervision measures and supervision systems.

Although the LED industry has a long development time, the product technology has continued to develop at an extremely fast speed, forming a situation in which a hundred flowers bloom, which is conducive to the LED approaching ordinary people. Real industry standards should be forward-looking, timely and objective;

Industry standards need to be discussed and debated many times in the industry, or the product of the combination of technology and market; The authoritative industry standard is an objective law after time verification and repeated modification, which is in line with the development direction of LED.

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