As more and more drones take to the skies, the safety hazard they bring when they approach important areas has become increasingly serious. In China, there have been many incidents of civilian drones breaking into the routes or airports of manned civil aircraft. There are many UAV intrusion incidents in many political and important places at home and abroad, so it is necessary to use the vehicle-mounted anti-UAV system.

Next, let Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd. introduce the vehicle-mounted anti-drone system!

Texin vehicle-mounted anti-drone system can detect, identify and neutralize all types of drones operating on any radio frequency within a few kilometers. It provides a 360-degree protective drone shield for stationary or moving assets and is capable of day and night operations in any weather conditions. It can be installed on all types of military vehicles.

The system can be configured for automatic or manual operation and can be deployed quickly without setup or operator control. It is designed with an open architecture, enabling complete data flow to the vehicle control system, as well as an efficient interface to the command and control center.

Texin on-board countermeasures neutralize radio, video and communications between hostile drones and operators, and can also differentiate between the drone’s signal and its operator’s remote control signals, allowing for individual tracking of each signal .

work process:

The Texin vehicle-mounted anti-UAV system command vehicle arrives at the operation area, the system is turned on, and it is ready in one minute. The spectrum and photoelectricity in the anti-UAV system serve as the “eyes” of the entire command system, detecting and tracking the invading UAV in real time. , the jamming gun counteracts in real time, the vehicle-mounted command system will analyze and process its data, and send it to the UAV flight platform.

The above is the introduction of Shenzhen Texin Electronics to the related content of the vehicle-mounted anti-drone system, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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