On September 9, Ziguang zhanrui announced that through synchronous participation in the development of Android 11, six smart phone chips have completed the deployment of Android 11, including Huben T618, Huben T610, Huben T310, sc9863a, sc9832e and sc7731e, and the chip platform is upgraded synchronously with Android 11. It is understood that Google announced the launch of Android 11 on the same day.

What is the value of Ziguang zhanrui chip upgrading with Android 11

Shi Yufei, an OS technology planning expert at Ziguang zhanrui, pointed out in an interview with the media that in the past, after the release of a new version of Android, it would take more than 12 weeks to deliver the mass production version. Now, Ziguang zhanrui has achieved synchronous development and upgrading, becoming the first chip manufacturer to complete Android 11 deployment in the world.

This is the first chip manufacturer to officially support Android 11. So here’s the question: what’s the value of syncing Android 11? How to reflect the competitiveness of Ziguang zhanrui chip?

The value of syncing Android 11

Judging from the past records, Android has to upgrade a new version every year to improve the system ecology and increase the performance and function support for mobile phones. This Android 11 upgrade includes message notification interface, folding device support, fast access to smart home, control sensitive permissions, 5g experience optimization, etc.

For example, the “5g experience optimization” adds three functions of “according to the cost of flowmeter, 5g detection and bandwidth estimation”. If the current network used by users is not charged by traffic, it can display content with higher resolution (such as 4K video), upload logs, backup files, and actively download content, which greatly improves the user experience.

Mobile phone manufacturers launch new products, especially in overseas markets. All Android smartphones sold need Android system, including its GMS services, to support user experience. If they do not pass Google certification, mobile phones will not be able to enjoy relevant services, and the market will be full of thorns. The operating system is the “body” of the smartphone, while the chip is the “brain” of the smartphone. Mobile phone chip manufacturers must support the new version of Android in a timely manner. This time, the purple light show synchronizes Android 11 and upgrades six chips simultaneously, which is of great value for its mobile phone customers to develop new products in time.

Ziguang zhanrui has also done one thing: it has launched a six in one quick upgrade scheme. One upgrade package is suitable for six different smart phone platforms, which greatly improves the standardization of software solutions. It reduces the authentication cost for terminal manufacturers who use Ziguang zhanrui chips to upgrade Android 11, and speeds up the marketing progress of terminal devices.

How to synchronize?

According to Shi Yufei, synchronization of Android 11 is the accumulation of cooperation between Ziguang zhanrui and Google over the years, including the accumulation of trust. Both sides have established an efficient communication mechanism. At present, Ziguang zhanrui has a 3PL laboratory authorized by Google, and cooperates with Google to carry out GMS equipment certification and certification, which can help mobile phone manufacturers quickly verify and go on the market.

“Secondly, Ziguang zhanrui has been preparing to synchronize Android 11 development since the end of 2019. During this period, we worked with Google to solve hundreds of bugs such as Android 11 compatibility and functions, and have a deep understanding of Android 11 code.” Shi Yufei said that mobile phone customers can complete the mass production of most projects within 2020, and new customers can effectively shorten the upgrade time and reduce the certification cost. “We’re also helping with the version migration of the entire Android ecosystem.”

Thirdly, Ziguang zhanrui has introduced IPD process, obtained TMMi level 4 certification (test Maturity Model Integration) and passed CMMI Level 3 certification (capability maturity integration model) in 2019. It is the first mobile chip design enterprise in the world to obtain both TMMi 4 and CMMI 3 dual certification. This shows that the R & D management and quality process has made important breakthroughs, which strongly supports the chip development, Android 11 synchronous development and other development work.

What is the value of Ziguang zhanrui chip upgrading with Android 11

It is very important for mobile phone customers and can complete the chip platform upgrade in the first time. Obviously, it needs the hard power, attention and investment of Ziguang zhanrui. It can be said that it is the foundation of the strategic cooperation between Ziguang zhanrui and Google, the optimization of R & D and management process, as well as the high attention to Android 11, synchronous development and accurate sticking point, so as to finally “God synchronization”.

Mobile phone chip pattern initially determined

It is understood that many industry analysts have expressed their appreciation for Ziguang zhanrui synchronous Android 11. Xu Ke, research director of xinmou research company, said that zhanrui platform upgraded Android 11 at the fastest speed, which let us see the rapid transformation of zhanrui from hardware to ecology. Li Gang, a senior GfK analyst, believes that this shows that zhanrui’s chip has been recognized by intelligent machine operating system manufacturers for the first time in terms of performance and security, and has become the first echelon of smart chip. John Lorenz, an analyst at yole computing and software, also said that this milestone highlights purple light as a top chip designer, which should help it win more customers in the mobile market.

Analysts’ evaluation of Ziguang zhanrui comes from the increasingly high threshold of mobile phone chip industry after the advent of 5g era. In the 4G era, after the extradition of Renesas, Broadcom, Intel and even Intel, the influential independent mobile phone chip manufacturers only left the US high pass, China China joint venture and Mainland China’s purple light. Sheng Linghai, vice president of Gartner research, told c114 that there are also some manufacturers trying to enter this market, but mobile chip, especially baseband, has a very high technical threshold, which requires long-term technology accumulation and industry accumulation, including the test data in the global operator network, which can not be broken out with money.

It can be said that after 5g era, the pattern of mobile phone chip competition has initially been determined. Some large mobile phone manufacturers will develop their own chips for various considerations, while independent chip manufacturers are hard to find new players, unless the external technology licensing of large chip manufacturers occurs. In Sheng Linghai’s view, for Ziguang zhanrui, upgrading Android 11 at the same time will improve the company’s awareness and convey its own voice to the industry. “Zhanrui completed the organizational structure adjustment, after Chu Qing took office, the direction of the company was very clear.”

Through the release of 5g baseband chunteng v510 and 5g SOC mobile platform Huben t7520, Ziguang zhanrui has occupied a good position in 5g era and is in the same running line. These technological breakthroughs have enabled Ziguang zhanrui to gain more customer recognition and industry recognition, and stand firm in the initial trend of the industry pattern, and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

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