Listen to a lot of people talking about volt HD voice call, so what is volt? Under what circumstances do you need to open volte? Under what circumstances can volt be turned off?

As its name implies, volt is a high-definition voice call. But from a professional point of view, volte is voice over LTE, which is the unified bearer of data, voice, video, SMS and MMS services based on 4G network and IP transmission technology. It can provide high-definition voice, video call and other business services. In short, it is to call through 4G LTE network to realize the same of data and voice services under the same network.

So under what circumstances do you need to open volte? Or what are the advantages of volte? There are four advantages of turning on the volte function: continuous network connection can be realized when receiving and making calls, and calls can be made while playing games; It has better call quality and stronger sound quality. After opening, there will be an HD icon in the status bar; Shorter on time; Video calls are more HD and are not charged separately. By the way, if you are a dual Telecom card user, you need to turn on volte when installing dual cards to use two Telecom cards at the same time.

If only one card has volte service, you need to set the other card without volte as the default mobile data card (Settings > mobile and network > dual card management > Default mobile data). At the same time, you must turn on the volte HD call switch with volte service card (Settings > wireless and network > mobile network > volte HD call) before you can use the dual card normally.

How do the three major operators open volte? It can be opened through manual customer service. It can also be opened by SMS. After opening, you need to set up on the mobile phone – Wireless and network – Mobile Network – volte HD call – to open it. When can I turn off volte? In some mountainous areas or places with poor signal. Due to the problem of network coverage, turning on volte may lead to worse signal and intermittent connection of the phone. Because it uses the network to talk, you can turn off volte in this case.

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