Novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread, believing that everyone is the same. It has been a long time since it was kept at home. Why is home isolation the best way to control the epidemic? Many people have doubts about this issue. Today, let’s briefly explain it to you.

We first divided the population into four categories: a (infected population), B (unknown population infected by a), C (suspected population infected by a and b) and D (uninfected population).

The city closure in Hubei Province is the first to isolate a from all the people to ensure that it will not infect other people. But some a (about 5 million people are known to be outside Wuhan and Hubei) are scattered all over the country. These people are easy to find out based on information, and many of them have been found now.

But a will meet B, whom he has never known before. A doesn’t know where B comes from, and B doesn’t know where a comes from. After a reaches its destination, it contacts C. No matter how many C it contacts, these C can be found through a and have been isolated.

So it became a, B, C, D four groups and the current situation. A is isolated, C is isolated, D sticks at home, but B doesn’t know how many are still outside. Now the biggest hidden danger is B. B can’t be found at all. No one knows who B is, and B doesn’t know whether he is B or not. Therefore, the purpose of everyone’s isolation now is to screen out B with time and wait for the outbreak period of about 14 days. As soon as the outbreak comes, B is naturally screened out. In this way, the outbreak of B becomes a and is taken away and isolated. What didn’t break out became D, and they could continue to hold their positions at home. C, which had been isolated before, would also be differentiated, some of which would become a, some would be centrally isolated, and some would become D. So after the outbreak, there are only a and D groups in the society. A was treated intensively and returned to normal society after becoming D.

What is the superposition effect of blockchain and grid social governance

So never go out, waiting for the outbreak is for natural screening. When B got sick one after another, the matter came to light naturally. Therefore, all the measures taken by the state are aimed at reducing the generation of new B. We all need to understand this truth. In terms of the current situation, eliminating unnecessary travel is the lowest cost way out.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is what we can do to improve the disease. If we can find B quickly, is there no need to ban everyone? Maybe not now. Can we do it next time the epidemic comes?

Grid community management

Definition of Community Grid Management: grid management is a new urban management mode that uses digital and information means, takes streets, communities and grids as the regional scope, takes events as the management content, takes the disposal unit as the responsible person, and realizes urban linkage and resource sharing through grid management information platform.

This involves the change of thinking mode, that is, the management mode of passive response to problems in the past will be changed into the active detection and solution of problems. Through digital management means, establish standard management means and processes, ensure the agility, accuracy and efficiency of management, and form a closed loop in the four steps of discovery, filing, dispatch and closing, so as to improve the ability and level of management.

However, there are still some difficulties and problems in grid management

1. Poor informatization of community management

Most of them are still using manual registration to complete information registration. There are doubts about authenticity and error.

2. Lack of self declaration information

Lack of declaration mechanism, insufficient effective cooperation with residents and numerous rumors.

3. Information island

There is no guarantee to share other social information, which leads to information collaboration.

4. Privacy protection

In the case of data sharing, it can play an efficient collaborative management and service, but privacy protection can not be guaranteed, which will lead to more disasters.

At present, the social valuable data can not be bridged effectively, and there is no maximum value. If the social management data wants to get through, the work is large and the cost is high, the data authority management is difficult, and the protection of personal data privacy is difficult.

Efficient community management platform based on blockchain grid

Grid management based on blockchain is an exploration direction. So what role can blockchain play in it? Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and encrypted digital platform, which can facilitate transactions and record transaction data without trust. Transaction history cannot be tampered with on the shared ledger. Blockchain is a new generation of trusted data interaction infrastructure, which has the characteristics of data tampering and distributed storage, and widely uses cryptography technology to encrypt and authorize data.

If we can combine blockchain and grid social governance, and use blockchain technology, we can first break the information barrier and achieve efficient information sharing. We can link all the personnel flow data, including train, flight and accommodation information, to achieve real-time information sharing, then we can realize the comprehensive information fine management with the community as the unit.

Let’s take this epidemic as an example: if all information can be linked in time, the distribution information of 5 million people from Wuhan can be verified at the first time, and their communities can have the ability of early warning and identification. Secondly, the community and relevant personnel can take the initiative to inform the government and medical institutions of the traffic information, instead of the individual inquiry of the train and plane information that need to be isolated. For fever patients, they can complete their own application and report, and for fever patients who have been to the hospital but cannot be hospitalized, the community can track the information. In view of the possibility of reinfection, we can also predict the number of people at the first time and conduct remote screening.

By analogy, in such social public health events, if a grid community management platform based on blockchain can be established, the tracking and isolation of high-risk groups can be realized as soon as possible, At the same time, it can realize the timely update of all official information, including the number of patients and the action track of patients. It can also clarify rumors at the first time, reduce the panic of the public. At the same time, it can strengthen the propaganda of pneumonia knowledge, so that all people know how to prevent pneumonia at the first time, and improve the public’s scientific cognition.

The non tamperability of blockchain is conducive to improving the authenticity of information reported by individuals and social institutions. If there is information concealment or fraud leading to the spread of the disease, then the judiciary can take the originally reported information as the corresponding evidence to give punishment measures. Once the cost of concealment or false information in such social public health events rises, it can improve the initiative of individuals and social institutions to a certain extent The authenticity of reported information.


In the face of the epidemic war that will definitely come again next time, we believe that with the development of blockchain and other emerging technologies, human beings will be able to deal with it more calmly. We expect the future community to have a higher level of information management, so that the epidemic prevention work can be more orderly, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on people’s lives.

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