With Huawei being suppressed by sanctions, and the ban is upgrading step by step, we also begin to realize that the key technologies are weak, and they are not competitive or even blank in many fields, so we have to rely heavily on them, such as photolithography, etching machine, ion implantation, wafer cutting equipment, etc!

Of course, there are semiconductor application materials in the upstream, and the current market is basically monopolized by technology enterprises in the United States and Japan. After so many years of efforts, there are some excellent chip design companies in China, such as Huawei Hisense, Ziguang zhanrui, Loongson, Feiteng, Shenwei, etc. among them, Huawei Hisilicon can design the most advanced mobile phone chips, but the design of chips cannot be separated from a key tool, that is, EDA software.

What is EDA software? Of course, the key to the design of optical circuit is to use CAD software to assist in circuit design. However, it is not necessary to use this software for circuit design.

In the early stage of integrated circuit development, because the circuit was relatively simple at that time, we could realize circuit design and circuit layout without the aid of EDA software. However, with the increasing integration degree, it would be very inefficient or even impossible to complete without relying on software and human resources.

For example, our mobile phone motherboard has a very high degree of integration, dense electronic components, and complex circuit layout, not to mention the very complex circuit design such as chip, which has become a nano level circuit design, and EDA software is indispensable, so EDA software is also known as the mother of chip design,

Without EDA software, chip designers will not be able to continue chip design, and our entire electronic information industry will also be seriously affected. The EDA software is also limited by the entity list. If it is not used, Huawei’s chip design will also be stagnant. Therefore, EDA software has become an important core key technology. Because it can not be bypassed, it is more necessary to be autonomous and controllable.

At present, Synopsys, cadence and mentor account for more than 70% of the world share, and more than 90% in China, which has become the mainstream. Almost people in related industries will learn these software. Of course, these three companies also basically cover the whole process of electronic circuit design. Everyone will be puzzled Is there a corresponding EDA tool in China?

Of course, there are. Among them, the most famous and powerful one should be Huada Jiutian. At present, many companies in the chip industry in China will use the EDA software of Huada Jiutian. Huada Jiutian inherits the earliest panda EDA system in China. This EDA was released as early as 93, so Huada Jiutian still has a lot of technical details. Especially in the field of display panel, Huada Jiutian is the only supplier in the world that can provide full process EDA solutions.

In addition, core and technology, Galen electronics, also focus on high-end semiconductor device modeling, large-scale high-precision integrated circuit simulation and optimization, which are relatively large. Of course, there are some smaller ones, such as Hitachi EDA and easydea, but these are mainly PCB designs, which are relatively low-end.

If you look at the whole EDA industry in China, it is mainly concentrated in the low-end market, and it is difficult to achieve the whole process. In addition, the process is relatively backward, and basically it is still at the 28nm node. However, Huawei’s Kirin 1020 this year is already a 5nm process, and there is still a large gap and development space. At present, many domestic companies are joining EDA. I believe that excellent ones will be selected in the end Come out.

Of course, it is also said that Huawei is also making EDA software internally. However, EDA software is also a key point. Although the whole market is not big, EDA is also very important. High tech electronic circuit design and chip designers are inseparable. Of course, it is best to have independent intellectual property rights. Unless there is no necessary technology, it may be necessary to realize self-determination.

However, when it comes to EDA software, we have to say that there are also some very important large-scale software, such as two-dimensional 3D processing, such as PS, 3DMAX, AE, PR video processing software, Maya, C4d 3D animation software and so on. It seems that at present, China only has its own CAD and office software WPS, and these software are also very important.

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