Now the IT industry is more fond of cloud computing than ever before. Cloud computing industry is considered as the fourth IT industry revolution after large-scale computers, personal computers and the Internet. The IT industry has entered the cloud era. Cloud computing is a purgatory for large and small enterprises in the IT industry. In fact, in a sense, cloud computing is not a new technology. It is the result of the objective demand for effective integration of IT resources when the informatization accumulates to a certain extent. Therefore, in the whole development process of cloud computing, we will see many technologies and application models seen in the past.

The concept of cloud computing is now very clear. The reason why cloud computing can rise rapidly in recent years is that users are eager to make full use of IT resources to provide businesses with instant and on-demand efficient services. Cloud computing specifically refers to: in a narrow sense, cloud computing refers to the delivery and use mode of IT infrastructure, which means to obtain the required resources in an on-demand and easy to expand way through the network; in a broad sense, cloud computing refers to the delivery and use mode of services, which means to obtain the required services in an on-demand and easy to expand way through the network. This kind of service can be it and software, Internet related, but also other services.

This is a core concept of cloud computing. In fact, a simple understanding is to unify the management and scheduling of a large number of network connected computing resources to form a computing resource pool to serve users on demand. The network that provides resources is called the cloud. We can enjoy this “cloud” service at any time, but it’s paid.

What is cloud storage after all? To what extent is cloud storage developing? Cloud storage is a new concept extended and developed from the concept of cloud computing. It refers to a system that integrates a large number of different types of storage devices in the network to work together through application software through functions such as cluster application, grid technology or distributed file system, and provides data storage and business access functions together.

What is the relationship between cloud computing and cloud storage

When the core of computing and processing of cloud computing system is the storage and management of a large number of data, a large number of storage devices need to be configured in the cloud computing system, then the cloud computing system will be transformed into a cloud storage system, so cloud storage is a cloud computing system with data storage and management as the core.

Just like the cloud like Wan and Internet, cloud storage for users does not mean a specific device, but a collection of many storage devices and servers. Users use cloud storage, not a storage device, but a data access service brought by the whole cloud storage system. So strictly speaking, cloud storage is not storage, but a service.

From the relationship between the two, the relationship between cloud storage and cloud computing is well understood. Compared with cloud computing, cloud storage can be considered as a cloud computing system with large storage space.

In the future, the application of cloud computing will go deeper into our daily life. In the future, cloud storage based on cloud computing will go deeper into the current mobile Internet industry. However, our current smart phones will have a large capacity cloud storage in the future. As mentioned above, cloud storage is not a physical object, but a service, with huge market potential in the future.

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