The principle of bone conduction headphones: The principle of bone conduction technology is actually to use the skull of the head to transmit sound. Instead of going through the external auditory canal and eardrum, the sound is transmitted directly to the inner ear and cochlear nerves through the vibration of the skull.

For example, bone conduction headphones work the same way you hear yourself talking.

Who is it mainly suitable for?

First of all, the positioning of bone conduction headphones is: sports headphones. The main user group is the sports crowd. However, due to the advantages of bone conduction earphones such as health and not being in the ear. It is also loved by people with small ears, oily ears, and otitis media patients. Bone conduction headphones are also the best headphones for swimming. In swimming headphones, bone conduction takes the lion’s share. The second is deaf people. Of course, the auditory nerve needs to be intact in order to produce hearing.

As early as the 18th century, Beethoven was deaf in both ears and affected his music creation. Later, through the principle of bone conduction, he helped him hear the beauty of music again. He could hear music coming from his jawbone by biting a stick attached to a piano.

Bone conduction bypasses the eardrum. In bone conduction listening, bone conduction headphones play the role of the eardrum. These devices decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be picked up directly by the cochlea, so the eardrum is never affected. So, what bone conduction headphones are worth buying on the market?

1. NANK South Carolina Runner Pro3 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

Speaking of bone conduction headphones, many people will first respond to the IQ tax! But what I want to say is that NANK South Carolina is a real bone conduction earphone! Possesses the core technology of bone vibrator, and has also passed the effective certification of Dr. Lilac. In terms of bone conduction technology, Nanka Runner Pro3 has a built-in fully-wrapped bone conduction vibrator, which enables the vibrator to work in a closed environment and reduces the generation of sound leakage from the root. The integrated body avoids openings to further reduce sound leakage, and the intelligent reverse-phase sound wave system, as the last line of defense, further offsets the remaining sound leakage, and finally achieves a 90% leakage reduction effect. In order to ensure that the earphones fit better, Nanka has collected 8,000 Asian ear databases, and 97 Nanka engineers have spent 197 days and nights specially developing a wearing structure that fits Asian ears, ensuring that the earphones can be more integrated. In terms of configuration, the South Carolina Runner Pro3 can be said to be fully loaded. It supports NFC fast pairing and one-to-two functions, which can realize fast connection and switching of multiple devices. The Bluetooth 5.2 chip optimizes transmission power consumption and lasts up to 10 hours.

2. Shaoyin AS800 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

Shaoyin Aeropex AS800 bone conduction earphone with ergonomic ear design, Shaoyin AS800 supports IP67 waterproof, adopts magnetic suction contact charging to avoid water seepage, changes the traditional charging interface without liquid accumulation, and anti-oxidation nano-coating on the chip to isolate vapor. The comfortable and stable wearing design and stable Bluetooth connection provide Shaoyin AS800 with better sound quality performance.

3. Newmine Newman GE01 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

Newman GE01 bone conduction Bluetooth sports headset supports Bluetooth 5.0 connection, bone conduction design, unique user experience, supports IPX 5 waterproof, does not fall during exercise, and the wire is a memory titanium wire skeleton, which can be restored to its original shape even if it is twisted arbitrarily. The skin-friendly silicone material fits comfortably. With a built-in 180mAh, it has a single battery life of about 6 hours and weighs only 30g.

4. Philips A6606 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

Philips A6606 titanium alloy rear hanging design, it can be stable when bouncing or running. The biggest feature of Philips A6606 is the thoughtful design of LED night running lights on the earphones. You can override the flashing frequency of the lights by pressing the buttons. For those who like to run at night It is a thoughtful design for people, and it can remind pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to pay attention to avoiding at night. This is one of the bone conduction options for night runners.

5. NANK South Carolina Runner CC2 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

The appearance of South Carolina Runner CC2 looks very high-end and fashionable. The material is made of aviation-grade material and skin-friendly silicone material, so it is very comfortable to wear overall. The weight of the body is only 28g, so light that you will forget you With its existence, it is very suitable for wearing for a long time, and it is suitable for people who feel pain in their ears when wearing headphones. The sound quality has been greatly improved by adding a large-size bone conduction speaker. And this is the main entry-level price. Friends who want to try bone conduction for the first time can experience the charm of real bone conduction with this model.

Bone conduction earphones can protect our ears better than traditional earphones, and they are not much better than traditional earphones. If you want to choose bone conduction earphones, then you will definitely find its charm!

Reviewing editor: Fu Qianjiang

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