What is the power converter for

Power converter, also known as AC converter, is a kind of transformer. There are two common types: 220V voltage and 110V voltage. Power converter is a scientific name, that is, plug-in board, also known as plug-in row.

The power converter is a multi socket with power cord and plug and can be moved. Its function is to connect more than one power plug. Multiple sockets are put together, so that a variety of devices can obtain power at the same time, saving space and lines.

Usage of power converter

When we use the DC power converter, we can turn on the switch, press the power converter on, and then look at the instrument panel voltage on the right of the power converter, which should be between 11v-14v. We then press the switch of the power converter to the off position. At this time, the indicator light suddenly lights up, and the alarm will immediately give an alarm, which is a normal reflection. When we insert the load into the AC output port of the power converter, the switch of the load will turn off. Then press the switch of the power converter to the on position, the load will turn on, and the power converter will provide current to the load. When the switch of the power converter is turned on, but no current is supplied to the load, the current of the power converter will be consumed, and the current will be less than 0.8A, which is actually consumed at no-load. When you want to leave and don’t want to use the power converter, remember to turn off the power converter.

Various types of power converters have matching power. For example, 2000W power converters are suitable for 220V, 1800W or Xiaoyu 21800w electrical appliances. Power or wattage means the rated power of the product. When the product is started, its power consumption is generally greater than the normal working time. When the display and motor are turned on, the power basically reaches the peak. Although the 2000W power converter can withstand the power consumption of 4000W, the peak power of electrical appliances below 2000W may exceed the standard, resulting in overload protection, so the current will be turned off. At the same time, it will also drive multiple electrical appliances, which may happen.

If you want to use many appliances at the same time, you should first turn off the switch of the appliance, then turn on the switch of the power converter, and then slowly turn on the switch of the appliance, that is, the appliance with the highest peak value first.

Application method of on-board power converter

1. Insert the on-board inverter into the socket of the automobile cigarette lighter. When inserting, please check the tightness between the plug and the socket. When it is too loose, open the shrapnel on both sides of the insert head, and then insert it into the cigarette socket.

2. Please confirm whether the power indicator of on-board inverter is on.

3. Insert the power plug of the electrical appliance to be used into the socket of the on-board power converter.

4. Fuse replacement: unscrew the plug part of the plug counterclockwise and replace it with a new fuse.

Special tips:

When unplugging the electrical appliance in continuous use, be sure to confirm whether the switch of the electrical appliance in use has been turned to “off”, and then unplug the power plug. And unplug the on-board inverter.

When replacing the fuse of on-board inverter, be sure to use the fuse of the same model and specification. The use of fuse or wire other than the specified specification will cause abnormal overheating and fire.

Please clean the dirt at the plug of vehicle inverter in time to avoid poor contact or abnormal overheating of the converter.

When using or not using the on-board inverter, please unplug the product from the cigarette socket and keep it properly. Please strictly observe the use.

The correct connection sequence is as follows:

1. Start the car engine

2. Plug in the on-board AC power supply (when the switch is off)

3. Turn on the on-board AC power supply switch

4. Plug in the electrical equipment

5. After use, turn off the on-board AC power supply switch

6. Turn off the car engine

Avoid using unqualified vehicle power supply. Inferior products may cause the general contractor of the car to burn down.

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