Recently, the Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology said at the 2019 world VR industry conference that China is one of the regions with active innovation and entrepreneurship, high market acceptance and great development potential in the global virtual reality industry. The industrial development presents the following characteristics:

The first is the basic formation of R & D and manufacturing system. China has produced more than 70% of the world’s high-end head mounted VR terminals, with relatively complete design and manufacturing capabilities. The second is the substantial improvement of user experience. The third is the continuous enrichment of content resources. The fourth is the accelerated pace of integration and innovation. VR technology has been applied in education and training, design and manufacturing, exhibition and other fields, continuously empowering traditional industries.

In recent years, with the popularity of AR / VR, all kinds of related technology products continue to launch, apple is also actively layout the virtual reality industry. Virtual reality technology is an important direction of simulation technology. It is a combination of simulation technology and computer graphics human-machine interface technology, multimedia technology, sensor technology, network technology and other technologies. It is a challenging interdisciplinary technology frontier discipline and research field. It uses computer to generate a simulation environment, which is a multi-source information fusion, interactive three-dimensional dynamic scene and entity behavior system simulation, so that users immerse in the environment. It mainly includes environment simulation, perception, natural skills and sensing equipment.

What is the potential of virtual reality in China

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robots and other intelligent products emerge in endlessly, constantly integrated into people’s lives. With the continuous development of science and technology and industrial ecology, the concept of virtual reality is constantly evolving. At present, China’s virtual reality is still in the primary stage, and the market scale is at a small level, but the growth rate of the market scale is very fast. Data show that since 2015, the scale of China’s virtual reality market has developed rapidly, from 1.58 billion yuan to 5.28 billion yuan in three years. It is predicted that the scale of China’s virtual reality market will exceed 20 billion yuan in 2019.

Future development trend:

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s virtual reality industry and the further maturity of relevant key technologies, breakthroughs have been made in the fields of image quality, image processing, eye capture, 3D sound field, machine vision and other technologies. Wu Shengwu, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information, said that the issuance of 5G licenses this year has opened up a new world for the application of virtual reality technology in a wider range of fields. It is estimated that the scale of China’s virtual reality market will reach 54 billion 450 million yuan in 2021, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 91.2%. In the future, the virtual reality industry will present the following development trends:

Cloud virtual reality accelerates. In the case of virtual reality terminal cordless, it realizes business content cloud and rendering cloud, and becomes a cloud control platform solution through the collection, transmission and playback process. Among them, rendering on cloud refers to setting the rendering with high computational complexity in the cloud.

The popularity of content production has increased, and the derivative mode has become increasingly active. The iterative pace of hardware equipment is gradually slowing down and the VR business model is further mature. As the core link of virtual reality value realization, content production shows an increasing trend of investment. Derived from the experience venues, theme parks and other online and offline combination mode, by market attention.

Virtual reality + release the innovation vitality of traditional industries. Virtual reality has rich business forms, great industrial potential and strong social benefits. A new round of science and technology and industrial revolution represented by virtual reality is ready. The combination of virtual economy and real economy will bring revolutionary changes to people’s mode of production and way of life.

The hardware field will become the main battlefield. At present, the domestic virtual reality industry is still in its infancy and has not yet formed a clear leader. The number of enterprises participating in the field of virtual reality has increased significantly, mainly focusing on hardware research and development and application supporting fields.

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